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Get Organized In 2019 With The Reminder Binder & More From @DeniseAlbrightStudio PLUS Save 30%

 Get Organized In 2019 With The Reminder Binder & More From @DeniseAlbrightStudio PLUS Save 30%

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I am so excited for the New Year to unfold as 2018 was a life-changing year that has led my family and I to living and eating cleaner and healthier and now I am personally finding myself more focused and revving to go than ever before and excited for what 2019 has in store. For 2019 to be a success in all aspects of my life, organization is a must which is where Denise Albright Studios and their Reminder Binder comes in to play. The NEW 2019-2020 Reminder Binder® Planner  is the perfect planner for me & my family as it has everything that I need to stay organized all while having fun organizing my days, weeks, months and more with everything that this binder offers. It helps you to stay organized for 18 months and covers January 2019 through June 2020!


In this modern, digital age that we live in there is true value in actually writing things down versus the way things are done via technology these days. For me writing things down and planning truly makes a difference in helping me to stay organized as well as motivated in not only achieving my daily routines but also keeping me focused to achieve my goals and keep myself on track when it comes to accomplishing them. The Reminder Binder allows me to do just that… write it down and see it, stylize it with stickers & notes, and of course remember it. What’s even better is that once I have written it down I know that I am ready to go for my day, week, month… and can actually stop thinking about all of my “to-do’s” and live in the present. I find that I am not nearly as stressed and that I am centered, focused and organized which allows me to get everything done each and every day all while spending more time with my family as I am not scattered and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. My family seems to be appreciating this quality time too and I am seriously loving it. Check out this video which is what led me to love the Reminder Binder from Denise Albright.

This planner includes all of these amazing features:

*Dates include January 2019 – June 2020

*Weekly, monthly and yearly views

*Weekly layouts are horizontal with lots of white space each day

*Hard Cover – for the 10,000 times you flip through it, it’s built to last!

*Laminated Tabs – designed to go the distance

*Elastic Band Enclosure – your planner gets packed like your week, this band will help keep it altogether!

*Highlight special dates with the 361 stickers provided on (4) full pages.

*Holidays overview – see the day/date for 2019 and 2020 holidays in a quick glance

*(2) Pockets – one Stock it Pocket inside the front cover AND another double sided clear pocket attached in the back

*Use your Stock it Pocket to keep tickets, coupons, postage stamps or greeting cards at your fingertips.

Removable bookmark redesigned for quicker snap-in and out

*(3) full pages of Dates to Remember

*When you need a gift for those special dates, use the Nifty Gifty Checklist to stay on track with your gifting to-do’s!

*Flip to the 2019 and 2020 yearly thumbnails for a fabulous overview in a single page spread.

*Perpetual style monthly page to jot dates to remember each month…like the birthdate of your new niece or nephew this year!

*Use the weekly pages to list daily details…and when the details have details…use the notes section provided on each week.

*The 3-month thumbnails make it easy to relate dates in the upcoming weeks.

*The weekly pages are color coordinated for your convenience, too.

*1-List, 2-List, 3-List…Store!  These perforated pages are handy tools for you to jot and trot!  Whether it’s the weekly grocery list, a guest list, dinner menus or the movies that you want to see, when you think it, ink it here!

*Populate the contacts pages with all the info you need for mailing invitations, sending an e-note or remembering a birthday.

*Complete your Personal Information page to ensure a speedy return when someone finds your Reminder Binder!

*By design, your Reminder Binder is made to travel…take it with you in your handbag, your diaper bag, gym bag, or in your car!

*Bonus keepsake gift box – make a pretty stack on your shelf to refer back to remember all the good times!

I also picked up a few other goodies at Denise Albright Studios because the price for the Reminder Binder was so affordable. I picked up a Monthly Planner Pad, a Peek At The Week Weekly Planner Pad, a Dad Pad Weekly Planner Pad (which my husband loves!), 4 Planner Sticker Sets to have fun while planning and organizing my binder and planners, plus a Pull & Place Adhesive Strips Set. Read on to learn more:

Denise Albright 2019-2020 Mini Monthly Desk Calendar with Tear-off Lists, Scheduling Tools, Bill Pay and More

I am in love with this Mini Monthly Desk Calendar! I was super excited about this one as I knew that it would be the perfect pad to keep at my desk and to help me stay on top of all of my assignments & projects for work, doctors appointments, my kids activities and school assignments, birthdays, holidays and more. It provides me with an overview of each month in a 12-inch wide view and I especially love the desk calendars “take note” section available on every page.  This is the ideal way for me to jot the important thoughts and must-do’s for that month, too.  

This 12X9 padded planning tool is so much more than meets the eye as you can flip through the pages to find holiday lists, a yearly planner, a perpetual-style Dates-to-Remember calendar, a monthly bill pay worksheet, lists with checkboxes on the backside which I love as well as a short stack of weekly planner pages. 

Denise Albright Peek at the Week® Planner Pad


The Peek at the Week® Planner Pad is the perfect way to get everyone in your household on the same page when it comes to your families plans and commitments for any giveaway day. It seems that this should be an easy thing to do, but with the busy lives that we live today it can be hard to ensure everyone in your household knows what is going on all of the time. This planner is the perfect communication tool that will ensure every member of your family is aware of each days activities and plans. Pretty cool for sure and I have put it on my refrigerator as it is the perfect place for my family to update themselves and get an idea of what any given day holds… including what’s for dinner!

Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad Plus 322 Stickers

In all honesty…. the Dad Pad Weekly Planner Pad is just perfect for both moms and dads but I love that this is a great way to encourage Dad to be a part of the day to day in terms of scheduling and keeping track of all of the to-do’s each and every day. With this planner you can fill-in all the week’s reminders in one-place in writing…just the way most moms or dads need it! I always retain information better when I write it down which is what makes all of the Denise Albright planning and organizational tools so effective and fabulous.

The features are amazing with this little planner pad….it has 60 weekly pages, it’s the perfect 6″ x 9″ size pad that is drilled for easy hanging, comes with 322 “man” task stickers that make keeping track and organized fun and attention grabbing, it provides sections for each day, To-Do’s and “Coming up” plus a perforated tear sheet that you can use as a reminder while on the go plus as if that is not already enough… there are handy checklists on the reverse of each and every page. The Dad Pad is the perfect accompaniment to use with the Reminder Binder and a must for every household.

Denise Albright Planner Stickers

These fabulous Planner Stickers are the perfect way to enhance any planner, calendar or pad with these fun hand-illustrated stickers! There are many types to choose from and the stickers for me make the planning super fun as well as attention grabbing when I am looking at my planner. I just love them and they are the perfect accompaniment for all of the Denise Albright binders and planner pads.

Pull & Place Snap-in Twin Coil Adhesive Strips

The Pull and Place Adhesive Strips are ingenious and a must have for your Reminder Binder for sure. Whether you need to add in some coupons, flyers, lists, notes, to-do’s or a photo that is special for you that particular week…. the pull and place strips making adding them to your binder a snap.

*Easily snaps into twin coils like a removable bookmark

*Great for added lists, flyers, organizational grids or a photo to save a memory for that week

*Transparent plastic, 5″ x 1.125″

*Permanent adhesive to keep pages in place

*Each pack includes (6) Pull & Place strips

*Perfect for twin coil planners like the Reminder Binder Planner

*See specification graphic among the images

See how the Pull and Place Adhesive Strips work:

 So what do you think of the Reminder Binder from Denise Albright as well as all of the other essential planning tools I picked up?  I am in love with all of her fabulous organizational tools as they are super fun to use, really pretty to look at and visualize as everything coordinates perfectly plus her products are made to be amazingly durable as well as extremely effective at helping you to set those goals, make plans and stick to them all while being affordable! Seriously, you can get the Reminder Binder plus additional accessories for the price that you will spend on a binder alone from the other competitors. There is no better way to stick to your New Years Resolutions than getting and staying organized via the tools that Denise Albright provides and I highly recommend them.

If you are in need of organizing like me and need the perfect planner like I did…then check out Denise Albright and all of her amazing organizational tools today!

Use code —>DSAVVY<— and you will save 30% on anything & everything! Check out the Reminder Binder and all of the Denise Albright products for yourself today and get to organizing!


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