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How To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Your first wedding anniversary is an incredibly special day, and it’s one that should be celebrated accordingly. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a romantic day. What’s more important is the thought that you put into it. You can check out wedding anniversary gifts by year to help you find the perfect gift for each and every anniversary year too.

So make sure that you both have the day off of work and use it to focus on yourselves.

Start the day as you mean to go on

If you’re spending a romantic day together, it’s only right that it should start with breakfast in bed!

The night before, prepare a yummy breakfast for the two of you in advance so that it’s ready to go in the morning. Try something like pastries and fruit, perhaps with a little champagne to start your celebrations off right.

If you’re early birds, you could go for a romantic walk and watch the sunrise together. Or you could just spend the morning relaxing in bed. Whatever works the best for you. 

Time travel

A great romantic thing to do on your first wedding anniversary is to spend the day recreating special moments from your wedding day, to help you to remember how excited you felt and how far you’ve come.

Try visiting the venue where you said your vows, and perhaps say them to one another again. If you spent the night at a hotel after your wedding, maybe book into the same hotel again, or if you ate at a restaurant, you could go there for dinner.

Spending the day traveling down memory lane is a great way to create romance and remind yourselves of how much you love one another.

Try something new

Your first wedding anniversary is a great opportunity to try something new in the bedroom that you’ve been thinking about for a while because you’ll have the whole day to yourselves to give you time to explore and relax into it.

If you’ve been thinking about the idea of introducing a third person to your relationship, you could experiment with blow up sex dolls as a way of seeing how you feel about it without actually involving another person.

Enjoy the sunset

Sunset is the most romantic time of day, so if the weather is nice, you should definitely go and enjoy it as part of your anniversary celebrations. 

If you live near water, you could take a boat out to see the sun setting on the water. Or, if you live inland, find a spot that’s high up and secluded. Wrap yourself up in blankets, and be sure to take something warming to drink with you. You could even take a picnic basket and enjoy some delicious food while you take in the spectacle.

Reflect on your first year of marriage

Take the time to think about what your partner means to you and what you have loved about your first year of marriage. Make sure you tell them! You could write them a note or tell them in person; either way, your anniversary should be about making sure that your partner knows how much you mean to them.