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DIY Landscaping Tips for the Budget-Conscious Homeowner

Who doesn’t want a lawn and garden that rocks? If you are looking to make some major improvements to the exterior of your home but are working with a set budget, you might want to consider some DIY projects that won’t cost an arm and a leg but will still give your home that WOW factor you’ve been longing for. Check out these easy landscaping tips that could give your home just what you’ve been looking for.

Start with a Plan

Let’s face it. Designing anything can be intimidating if you’re not an artist. However, making a plan for your landscaping project can be easier than you think. There are actually free landscape design software programs you can easily find online that will make creating a landscaping plan easier than you had ever imagined. This is where you must begin because it will help you literally ‘see’ how your backyard will look when your project is brought to completion. Besides, by creating a plan, you will be better able to budget for each element within your design because it will give you a starting point for cost estimates. With this tool, you might even find ways to save enough money to hire a worker or two for the heavier tasks.

Rockscaping Is a Homeowners Dream

Rockscaping is a lovely element of any lawn, and there are some amazing reasons why you just might want to consider rock or hardscaping when undergoing a DIY landscaping project. Yes, it is often easier to lay out stones than it is to re-plant grass, but the upkeep is also so much easier. With rockscaping, you can use large boulders to create a wall while using stones, tiles or concrete to surface an area. This eliminates the need to mow that portion of the lawn during spring and summer months and is much easier to maintain in general.

Garden Lighting Is a Must

How many times have you driven through a neighborhood at night only to see that one house stood out from all the rest. This was probably due to the fact that the homeowner employed ambient, garden lighting, whereas others on the block simply had standard security lighting that was both overly bright and unattractive. Employing unique lighting elements in your lawn or garden areas will enable you to literally create a different atmosphere.

The one thing you want to avoid on any landscaping project is the use of overly bright lights that are hard on the eyes. No one will see any of the elements you’ve worked so hard to create because they will be blinded by the light! Ambient, unique lighting is an absolute must.

It really is possible to design and create a landscape for your home that rocks – no pun intended! Even with a minimal amount of help and a limited budget, homeowners can create the best lawn and garden on the block. It just takes planning and a vision of what you’d like to see. Take it in stages, or do it all in one go, but these tips should help you with your latest DIY project for the budget-conscious homeowner.

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