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8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Perfect for You 

For foodies and wanna-be master chefs, the kitchen is the most essential part of the home. You want it to function like an extension of you. So, if your current setup feels like it’s working against you rather than for you, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]You don’t have to tear your whole kitchen apart to make it work perfectly for your needs. Some simple swaps and minor renovations can make all the difference. You probably already know a few problem areas you’d like to address. This list will help you make the improvements you need to make for your space to function like a chef-worthy kitchen.  

1. Start With a Declutter  

Before you make any changes or rip out appliances and countertops, you should thoroughly declutter your kitchen. Some amateur home chefs feel the need to collect kitchen gadgets and devices so they have everything they may want. However, too much clutter can actually reduce the efficiency of your process. Most professional chefs have a minimal range of essentials they work with. Get rid of your excess and begin to replace your quantity with quality items. Your most significant investments at the start should be your knives and cookware.   

2. Plan Prep Space 

Every home chef needs a decent prep space for their creations. If you have a large kitchen with plenty of surface area, you merely need to designate a prep spot near the center of the action so you aren’t bouncing around the kitchen to finish a dish. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Small kitchens are a little more tricky, though still possible. Make the most of your countertop room by clearing off any non-essentials. Many people waste their space by housing small appliances and decorations on their surfaces.   

3. The Right Countertops 

Once you’ve made room on your countertops, ensure your prep space uses the right material. Often, cheaper surfaces discolor or warp when it comes in contact with too much heat. They also show signs of wear quickly from daily use. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Your best options are man-made composite stone like quartz or industrial stainless steel. Both materials are easy to maintain and clean. They’re heat and scratch-resistant and will last you a long time.  

4. Make Room for Herbs 

No dish is truly a masterpiece without fresh herbs. Grow your own with an indoor garden. You have so many options to set one up, creating a stunning focal point in the kitchen in addition to its primary function. Layer small boxes on a window sill or install a hydroponic herb garden wall. You’ll have easy and consistent access to fresh ingredients to spice up your favorite recipes.   

5. Prioritize Storage 

When you’re cooking up a storm, the last thing you want is to dash around the kitchen, trying to find the ingredients and tools you need. A home chef needs all the essentials to be within easy reach. As such, you want any kitchen redesign to keep storage in mind. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Place tools and ingredients you use most frequently in cabinets and drawers close to the stove and your prep space. Adding lazy susans or item-specific storage like a knife drawer will simplify cooking and cleaning up.  

6. Be Kind to Your Feet  

Cooking can be incredibly relaxing, but standing for long periods isn’t necessarily easy on your feet, knees and hips. Give yourself a little self-care by adding cushioning accessories to the kitchen. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Your first consideration should be the floors themselves. Tile is a common kitchen flooring material but rough on your joints. If your budget allows, replace tile with a body-friendly alternative such as vinyl or laminate. At the very least, you should layer a comfortable mat or rug in the areas you stand most often. You can even find washable options, so kitchen spills aren’t a big deal. 

7. Upgrade Appliances 

A true chef’s kitchen should have the best appliances you can afford. Most cooks prefer a gas range over an electric one because it heats more evenly. It also allows you to make food when the power is out.   

Doubling your ovens and refrigerators is another upgrade you can make to the kitchen if you do a lot of cooking and entertaining. These are expensive upgrades and take up considerably more space, so ensure you’d actually use them before taking the plunge.  

8. Invest in Good Lighting 

Whipping up a recipe in a dimly lit kitchen is no foodie’s idea of a good time. Even can lights are less than ideal for focused work. Instead, add in good task lighting. Large pendants above the island can help you see what you’re doing. Under cabinet lights make it easier to use those previously dark areas.  

Your Kitchen Should Work For You  

When you spend significant chunks of your day in the kitchen, prepping food and testing out new recipes, you need a space that works with you instead of against you. Storage that keeps ingredients at your fingertips and a range that cooks your food evenly can make all the difference. You deserve to breathe a sigh of calm when you walk into the kitchen.  

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