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5 Outdoor Features that Add to a Home’s Value

Many people want a little something extra when they’re home shopping. They might be looking for one particular feature, or more than one.

You can often attract a buyer if you add a few different features that set a home apart from those around it. For instance, there are several outdoor features that increase a home’s value and might be the final incentive a buyer needs to put in a bid. Finding the perfect landscaping company to help create the most magical of yards is the way to go. Check out Landscaping Toronto and all that they have to offer as they may have suggestions that you have not thought of.

Let’s talk about a few of those outdoor features that you should consider adding to your property. You can enjoy them yourself, and when the time comes to sell, they’ll attract some additional buyers.

Photo by Florian GIORGIO on Unsplash

Swimming Pool

If you have the space for it, then a swimming pool should be at the top of your list of possible outdoor home additions. An-ground pools cost more than above-ground ones, but many individuals fall in love with homes just because of this one feature. A swimming pool:

*Is a great place to exercise

*Is an excellent place to cool down on hot summer days

*Can be the perfect party setting

Of course, if you have a party there, you need to keep the pool and surrounding areas safe, so no one injures themselves. If someone hurts themselves there, they can sometimes hold you liable.

There’s also the pool upkeep costs to consider, but homebuyers are usually so eager to get this unique feature that they don’t worry about that much.

A New Patio or Deck

If you have an enclosed backyard, then most people want a newer deck or patio to go along with it. It’s the ideal place:

*To grill out

*For outdoor dinners with friends or relatives

*To watch the kids and the dog run around in the yard

An old deck that’s falling apart is a liability, but a new one that’s freshly stained or painted is sure to attract buyer attention when you put the house on the market.

This designated dining spot looks best if you’re trying to sell the house in the summer. If you have an open house, the people who pass through can easily picture themselves grilling back there or wiling away the hours on the patio with a hammock and a good book.

A Wet Bar or Kitchen

An outdoor cooking space seems luxurious, and it can attract some higher-profile home buyers. They can be costly to set up, depending on how fancy you want to get with the features.

Still, the price can be worth it. You get to enjoy cooking outdoors in the nice weather, and there’s no question it adds to the resale value.

Adding a wet bar appeals to many shoppers. They can see themselves there mixing cocktails and enjoying canapes before settling in for their meal.

Think about adding things to your outdoor setup like a dishwasher, pizza oven, Argentinian grill, or side burners. You can also install some natural stone or a tempered backsplash. Modular cabinetry also adds a sleek, modern design element that might touch off a bidding war between your potential buyers when the time is right.

A Lawn Irrigation System

A well-maintained lawn is something else that people look for when they’re home shopping. A lawn with brown patches and unhealthy-looking grass sends the signal that you’re not caring for it properly and can knock the buying price down significantly.

By contrast, if you take excellent care of your lawn, and set up a dependable irrigation system, the lush green grass is like a welcome mat. The house itself might be turn-key ready, but a perfect lawn and topiary bushes are features that you should never neglect.

Irrigation systems like a dedicated sprinkler setup might be expensive, but you can easily recoup the expenses for it when you sell.

Privacy Landscaping

One last outdoor feature you might want to consider would be hedges that offer your yard some privacy. They’re not so vital in the front, but in the back, you want potential buyers to imagine that they’re in their own little world. A setup where no prying eyes can easily peek in is going to appeal to them.

You can often pass along the information for the landscaping company that you use to the buyers. Things like trimmed boxwood shrubs and some strategic climbing vines are easy enough to install and maintain.

With a couple of these options in place, you can be confident that when you’re ready to move on, you’ll get top dollar for your home.

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