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For the Birds: 5 Amazing Ideas for Gifts for Bird Lovers

As we approach the holiday season, every bird watcher must come face to face with an age-old question: What do you get for the bird lover who has everything? Gifts are already beginning to fly off the shelves, and no matter how many tweets you’ve read on the subject, you can’t seem to settle on the perfect gift.  

Well, toucan play at this game! This guide will help you choose the best gifts for bird lovers. If you go with an idea from this list of five suggestions, you won’t have any regrets! 

Read on and you’ll find some inspiration for bird gifts for bird lovers – as long as it’s not too much of a bird-en, anyway!  

1. Cardinal Feeders 

There’s nothing more iconic than the sight of a blood-red cardinal against a backdrop of pristine white snow. True bird lovers maintain their feeders, even in the winter months. A bird feeder is an excellent gift in any season, and the holidays are no exception! 

Consider something squirrel proof, with enough room for more than one bird. If it’s big enough to dispense sunflower seeds, you’re sure to attract cardinals! If you need some more guidance about what cardinals love, you can start with this guide and go from there.  

2. Adopt a Bird 

One of the best gift ideas for bird lovers with big hearts is symbolic adoption. The money you spend will usually go to a wildlife refuge or conservation fund. You can symbolically adopt anything from an owl to a macaw to a penguin! 

Usually, your gift will come with an adoption certificate printed with the recipient’s name. You can get this framed for better giftability! As an added touch, include a plush version of the adopted bird!  

3. Binoculars 

If you’re shopping for a bird watcher and money isn’t an object, a nice pair of high-quality binoculars might become their favorite gift of the season! Figure out what equipment they have already and then buy something that fills the gap. For example, if they already have a fancy pair of binoculars, a lightweight spotting scope is a great, easily transportable tool for a quick hike!  

4. Bird Puzzle 

Winter can be long and cold, and it might reduce the number of days that your bird-loving friend can spend out in the field. Why not give them an alternate activity that they can complete while snuggling up beside the fire in their jammies? So many gorgeous bird-themed jigsaw puzzles are out there that will keep them busy and dreaming of warmer days to come! 

5. A Gag Gift 

If you are seeking funny gifts for bird lovers, there are plenty out there – and they’re not even necessarily gag gifts! Many products exist featuring popular bird puns.  

Consider a “fowl language” coffee mug with the names of less savory birds on it. You might also consider a poster proclaiming the various species of tits and peckers out in the woods!  

Gifts for Bird Lovers (On the Fly) 

People can’t stop raven about the many incredible gifts for bird lovers out there! I hope these bird puns haven’t flown right over your head! Otherwise, this will get hawkward really quickly! 

Looking for more posts on pets and animals? Check out the rest of the blog for some less cringe-worthy content! They are poultry in motion!  


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