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A Refreshing Mexican Drink to Try in 2021

Everyone likes to take a short trip to Mexico and enjoy cocktails and drinks there. Especially if you like the taste of real Mezcal or Tequila, you will find it fantastic to spend some time there. The real question would be where to find the Mexican drink that can make you feel as if you were there. 

Bartenders love to propose Mexican drinks to their customers. However, not all of them know what the most current cocktails can give the real Mexican flavor. Here you can find some characteristic cocktails coming directly from Mexico and prepare them at home:


Michelada is a famous spicy beer cocktail that thrives in Mexico. People usually mix high-quality Mexican beer with lime juice and hot sauce drops. The beer cocktail is less rich in alcohol, making it the best choice if you want to drink much and still stay sober. Michelada can also contain some Worcestershire sauce to give some extra spice to the drink. Mexicans usually add some ice to the cocktail, especially during the summer months, and make it easy to drink under sunny and humid conditions.


Paloma is one of the most authentic Tequila cocktails available in almost all Mexican bars and restaurants. It contains tequila, sparkling flavored soda (either orange or lemonade), and lime juice. People usually drink it with a straw, although you can also enjoy it as a margarita, in a round glass. Paloma can be sourer than sweet margaritas, but it also accentuates Tequila’s flavor, being one of the most impressive Mexican drinks you can enjoy anywhere in the world.

3-Bloody Maria

People who have spent some time in England know Bloody Mary and how Britons support that kind of drink. There is a Bloody Mary alternative called Bloody Maria when you are in Mexico. It contains one part of Tequila (or Mezcal), one part hot sauce, and some squeezed tomato juice with plenty of ice. Drinkers usually enjoy that drink in tall glasses with basil leave on top. Bloody Maria is one of the best drinks you can have when you want to start your night, or as an aperitif before having dinner. Not to mention that Bloody Maria can also cheer you up when feeling down!

4-Rio Grande Margarita

This modern cocktail contains more Tequila than anything else you have seen online. It needs shredded ice cubes, tequila, grapefruit, or sanguine orange juice. If you mix them right, the final result will look like the Red Rio Grande river and give you a little buzz when you drink it fast. The Rio Grande Margarita is easy to prepare at home and can be the best drink to start your night when going out.

5-Cerveza Margarita

If you have some Corona Beer Cerveza in your refrigerator and some tequila, you may easily prepare the Cerveza Margarita cocktail. The fizzing beer character matches perfectly with the sour tequila taste. You may add some lime juice and syrup at will. The Cerveza Margarita remains one of the fresher drinks you can find and one that Mexican bartenders suggest for their customers. It is an easy cocktail to consume and one that offers you the best buzz without the need to mix complicated and expensive alcoholic beverages.


People who have tried Mexican drinks before say they are delicious and give you a nice mood throughout the day. They are easy to prepare and base their ingredients on tequila and Mexican beet, two of the most common alcoholic beverages produced in Mexico and exported worldwide.

2021 would be the year everyone would love to celebrate and enjoy the most innovative drinks. If you choose to prepare, Mexican drinks get ready for some serious fun!

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