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4 Steps to a Healthy Body pH Balance

The importance of maintaining healthy PH levels has been emphasized time and again. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your body is in the right PH. Failure to make any effort will render your body vulnerable to complications.

It is true that the body is programmed to regulate alkalinity naturally. However, it is not always that the body is able to do so, especially at a given age. Most people with PH issues are those at a high age but not necessarily so. The best thing is that there are practical ways in which you can ensure that your body PH remains standard at all times.

Here are simple steps to a healthy body PH balance:

Step 1: Take A PH Test

It is obvious that you must understand your current status before taking any move. In this regard, you need to test your body for PH and establish if you are in any form of jeopardy and if there is anything that needs to be done. Unfortunately, most people live without knowing their PH status. Such a life can be hazardous since it is possible to attract complications off guard.
Testing your body PH is not a challenging task. It is just a matter of getting some PH strips and testing yourself using your saliva. Be sure to confirm if your body PH is above 7.4. If it is above the said point, then you need to take urgent measures to restore normal PH.

Step 2: Seek To Know The Importance of Pure Water To Your Body PH

Did you know that water is the most effective natural way of restoring your body PH? However, it is not just any water that can help you achieve alkalinity. In fact, water carries a lot of minerals that can instill acidity in your body. In this regard, you must understand why pure water is vital for your body PH. The importance of pure water is that it undergoes distillation and filtration to eliminate minerals that can trigger high acidity in the body. It is recommended that people consume alkaline water. Not everyone may be familiar with the importance of drinking this type of pure water, but it could be as simple as taking a look at a site like to find out more information. If you’re looking to improve your health, then drinking alkaline water and staying hydrated may be the first step.

Step 3: Adopt A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is also crucial to your body alkalinity. Unfortunately, some of the substances consumed end up triggering excess acidity in the body hence tampering with standard functionality. You must start by identifying the foods that can aid in restoring normal PH and those that can make the issue worse. Seek the counsel of a professional nutritionist if necessary.
Some of the highly recommended foods include vegetables, sweet potatoes, lemon, and almonds among others. Substances that are discouraged include soda, artificial sugars, alcohol, and cigarettes among others. You can seek the help of a professional in establishing a healthy diet plan that will naturally keep your PH on the check.

Step 4: Know Other Methods Of Maintaining Healthy PH

Maintaining healthy body PH is not all about eating the right food substances. There is more that can be done to achieve the same goal. In this regard, it is your responsibility to seek added avenues of attaining healthy body PH. Some of the additional methods include; exercising, drinking plenty of water, and detoxification among others.


There you go! In just four simple steps, you will be able to not only achieve healthy body PH but to also maintain a healthy condition after that. Your health is essential, and that is why you must keep your body alkalinity in check.

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