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Healthy Foods That Your Dog Loves 

Being the owner of a pet is one of the few things in life that can bring an automatic sense of joy. Your scruffy little friend is always around to bring a smile to your face when you are down, for example. Or if you need a partner to accompany you while on your daily run, a pet can fit that role easily. 

Dogs are the ideal partner to have in this light. Like their human counterparts, they will need to be fed an ideal diet in their daily routines. While healthy foods may not be their first choice, some meal options can be quite popular with them. There are well-liked foods that will keep them coming back for more. 

Here are seven healthy foods that your dog will love: 

1. Raw Dog Food  

Sometimes, the best options to go with are the ones that are the most natural. This sentiment is especially true for your dog, who can benefit from eating a bowl of raw dog food. In essence, this type of sustenance is optimized for your dog, so that its consumption is not interfered with. From the meat to the bones, raw dog food can be extremely healthy to consume. 

These types of food options are high in protein, providing your dog with the carbohydrates they need to function. Better weight management, as well as improved digestion and reduced allergies, are sure to be experienced down the line as a result. 

2. Peanut Butter  

As one of the most multifaceted snack options available, your dog will usually take a liking to peanut spread. That is because the snack comes packed with a ton of vitamins and nutrients, while also being delectable as well. For the most part, peanut butter is an excellent choice for owners looking for something protein-rich. 

Moreover, there are a ton of healthy fats contained inside of the spread as well. Vitamins B and E are also present in each serving, ensuring that your canine reaches its quota of nutrients. The best choice to go with here? Raw, unsalted peanut butter, as artificial sweeteners can be toxic to consume. 

3. Carrots  

Another convenient snack option for your best friend, carrots are incredibly healthy to feed your dog with. It mostly comes down to the number of vitamins that are inside of the vegetable, such as fibre and beta carotene. You also are provided with a good amount of vitamin A to boot too. 

Carrots don’t have to necessarily be fed to dogs in a large format. Baby carrots will generally suffice, and dogs can consume them in a raw or cooked format. Your dog will, at some point, indicate to your which format they prefer, depending on how it was prepared. Chop them up into bite-sized pieces to make things more convenient! 

4. Salmon  

Protein-rich foods are integral to a dog’s overall diet, especially regarding their overall health. While there are many options available for your favourite canine, fish options may be the best way to go. Salmon is currently one of the most popular healthy foods to feed your dog with, and not without good reason. 

Salmon comes equipped with multiple health advantages, all of which stand to benefit your dog. For example, the fatty acids contained inside the fish help your dog’s coat and immune system. Whether you cook it or pour salmon oil onto another dish, it is an option that shouldn’t be ignored. 

5. Oatmeal  

In what may be a surprisingly healthy food, oatmeal can be just as beneficial for your dog as it is for you. Some dogs may find themselves allergic to wheat, which may constitute the need for a replacement. Oatmeal dishes can come about in various forms, all of which can be cooked to their preference! 

6. Yogurt  

Since it is high in calcium and protein, you’d probably find no better snack alternative for your dog than yogurt. If the yogurt you feed your dog comes with active bacteria, it further benefits their digestive functions. Like the aforementioned peanut butter, the yogurt you pick should not contain artificial sweeteners. This can prove to have an unfortunate toxic effect. 

7. Chicken  

Alongside salmon, cooked chicken remains one of the most popular meat dishes to provide your dog with. As long as you can cook it to a preferable format, your canine will always come back for seconds. Plus, it can be either an entire dish or act as a snack substitute as well. 

Healthy foods can come about in multiple forms, all of which serve to benefit your favourite pet. Take stock of what they like and what they do not prefer. Sooner or later, you’ll find an amicable balance for their diet! 

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