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FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD ~ The Wilson’s Family Recipes

The Wilson’s Family Recipes

If you’ve never had the pleasure of gathering around the Wilson families dinner table, I can testify that your taste buds haven’t truly experienced flavor. Most families claim that their grandma makes the worlds best apple pie or that their mom’s fried chicken puts all other fried chicken to shame and that, my friends, is purley bias. I know this for a fact because I myself am not a part of the Wilson family yet I learned early on that grandma Ethel Wilson is the only grandma who makes the world’s best apple pie and once you’ve tried mamma Becca Wilson’s fried chicken recipe, you’ll never crave anything else. I openly admit this to my friends and family and they too are all in complete agreeance. When it comes to food, the Wilson’s do it right!

As I grew up and was blessed to mother a family of 5 children including 3 girls and 2 boys, I found myself wanting to share those recipes with my own family. I called my dearest friend Kara Wilson to ask if she wouldn’t mind emailing me a few of their family recipes. She was more than happy to share with me all she could find but weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard back from her. I called to find out about the recipes she found, most of them were faded and unlegible! I about lost it right then and there. Grandma Wilson had passed away six years ago. There was no way we could recreate her amazing apple pie and do it justice. We had to do something!

That’s When We Got The Brilliant Idea To Make A Family Recipe Book

It took us weeks to recover some of our most beloved recipes mainly because of poor handwriting, aged or worn pages, and some of them had stains hiding crucial ingredients.

Moving forward, Kara and I were determined to keep better care of the recipes and wanted to give a special gift to all members of the family. That’s when we decided to make a book titled FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD The Wilson’s Family Recipes. Not only did we want to document the family recipes, but we also wanted to include pictures of the the completed recipe along with it. We searched for the best website for making photo books and got started! It took us months to create each meal to perfection. Not only did the food have to taste perfect but it needed to look perfect. And I am proud to say it was a success!

The First Book Of Many

As Kara and I completed the very first Wilson family recipe book complete with photos, we made copies for everyone in the family (and close friends of course) and sent them in the mail.

We received phone call after phone call of people thanking us for all the hard work we’ve done in keeping their childhood memories alive. To them, this wasn’t just a book, this was a piece of history. This was something they could enjoy on a daily basis while making new memories with their loved ones.

Making a personalized recipe book was one of the best things I could have done and I have no doubt that in time the Wilson family, and my own family, the Knopp’s, will create another one for the next generations to come.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    What a great idea. I love trying good new recipes for my family. I also love the photo idea in these books. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  • Lauryn R

    That is such a great idea, and what a special thing to give to family! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂