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How to maintain your Brazilian hair?

You just bought a new Brazilian bundle or a wig. It looks great on you, you’re feeling positive about the purchase but there is one issue. Like real hair, these products have natural enemies. They are prone to shredding and damage which can significantly reduce their life expectancy.

In order to keep them “alive” for a while, there is a complete set of rules you need to follow. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We asked the wig experts at HotBrazilianHair.com to give us some pro tips that will guide you and help you maintain a Brazilian hair product.

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If you’re intend on washing your hair, it’s necessary to comb it properly beforehand. Make sure that it isn’t entangled. You can use a wide brush to comb the extensions. Like with real hair, it is necessary to comb it from the roots to the ends. Go slowly as extensions can be really delicate and it is hard for us to determine how much pressure they can withstand (as we can’t feel them as real hair). This careful approach it crucial for longevity.


Shampoo needs to be placed into water (doesn’t matter if it’s hot or warm) and then you need to slowly dissolve it. After mixture is ready, you will have to place hair extensions into it and slowly wash it by hand. The most important thing to keep in mind is that extensions shouldn’t rub against each other; this causes lots of damage.

Start slowly combing them with a wide comb. You can also use your fingers for it. During this step it’s necessary to remove any remaining tangles. Afterwards, it’s necessary to properly rinse the shampoo. Have in mind that like with real hair, shampoo leftovers can cause damage.

Now it’s time to use conditioner. The product is placed in the same way you would place shampoo. Use your hands for everything. When it comes to wigs and hair extensions, conditioner is even better than shampoo as it provides more options for styling while shampoo only cleans hair.

Once everything’s done, you can start drying the hair. Hair dryers can cause lots of damage to your extensions so if possible, try to avoid using them. In fact, all tools that are heating your hair can be quite troublesome as they are drying it out leading to breakage.


Weaves should always be without tangles. When styling, you need to take the same precautionary measures as with everything else. Make sure to use an extension-friendly comb or you can use your own hands. Provide support to the attachment during combing and brushing. A good detangling brush can also be very helpful especially in the nape area.

During the night, make sure to “store” your hair extensions. You can use a cap to safeguard it.

As you can see, hair extensions are in many ways similar to real hair. The same rules apply to both which is normal given that they are both based on natural hair. If you take your time and maintain them properly, they will definitely last much longer.


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