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Five Easy Tips for Getting Your Kids to Wear Their Eye Glasses

Five Easy Tips for Getting Your Kids to Wear Their Eye Glasses

For most of us, wearing glasses isn’t much of a big deal. On the other hand, it can be a stressful experience for some kids.

There is a lot of peer pressure and social anxiety in elementary school. Kids want to fit in and not stand out.

Nonetheless, I am sharing some tried and true tips for how I got my kids to wear their glasses.

Make It Kid-Friendly

One of the most important things you can do to help your children get into eyewear is to get kid-friendly glasses. They don’t want to wear mom or dad’s glasses, they want something that looks cute on them.

Since most people will have to wear glasses at some point in their lives, it makes sense that your kids are going through this rite of passage as well. Have them help you look for cute and kid-friendly designs online before making a final decision.

Show enthusiasm while searching to help encourage them to enjoy the process. As a result, you can turn eyeglass shopping from being a stressful experience to a fun one.

Tell Them Why

If your kids are anything like mine, they often ask “why” a lot. Well, then, satisfy their curiosity by explaining why it is critical for them to wear glasses.

Blurred vision can occur when the eye does not correctly focus light rays entering the eye. Glasses help to correct these refractive errors.

If a child does not use corrective lenses to help correct their vision, it could get worse and they could go blind. No one likes the idea of becoming blind, especially kids.

So, let them know how important it is to wear glasses. You don’t have to scare them, but this can be a learning and maturing experience for them.

Their options are either wear glasses or risk a worsening of eyesight.

Show Them Popular Glass-Wearing Characters

One of the most popular glass-wearing characters of all time is Harry Potter. It goes without saying that kids love Harry Potter. And, he is definitely cool.

Another character is Arthur. The objective is to help your kids feel less self-conscious. You might also show them popular celebrities who wear glasses.

Wear Glasses with Them

Chances are you have to wear glasses too. Make it a point to wear them as much as possible while encouraging them to do the same.

Share how glasses helps you work better and run the household from cooking and cleaning to watching their favorite shows with them or reading their favorite stories at bedtime.

Let them know that you couldn’t do everything you do without glasses. It’s sort of your secret super power.

Offer Incentives

During the first couple of months, reward your child for wearing their glasses consistently. This will help them associate wear with positive experiences.

Talk to their teacher about letting you know if they have kept them on during the school day. Then, consider a reward for the end of the first month that they would enjoy. Some ideas include:

  • A trip to their favorite restaurant
  • A visit to a local waterpark
  • A movie outing
  • A new book
  • A new outfit
  • A visit to the museum
  • A day off from chores

Think of, or ask, what type of incentive they would appreciate the most.

Final Thought

Getting your children to wear their eyeglasses does not have to be an exercise in futility. It just takes a bit of time, effort and encouragement.

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