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Crack A Cold One For The Best Lobster Recipe This Summer

Crack A Cold One For The Best Lobster Recipe This Summer

The kickoff to summer has passed and now it’s time to make every moment count, starting with the best and easiest lobster recipe of the season. Since there are only so many days to seize of summer, you want to make the most of every minute and minimize time in the kitchen. This twist on lobster tails in beer will only take 15 minutes and a quick pour from that cold one you’ll crack when you get cooking. If you are making this type of recipe at a family event or a local event you may want a reliable place to store your lobsters. In such an event you may want to look into hiring a cold room from a company similar to Ice Cool Trailers – learn more at https://www.icecooltrailers.co.uk/cold-room-hire.

Move over wings and beer, spicy beer soaked lobster is here to steal the summer spotlight!

What You Will Need:

*Two whole lobster tails

*Can or bottle of beer (12 fluid ounces)

*½ stick of butter (room temperature)

*2 tablespoons of sirracha

*Medium size sauce pan

*Steamer basket with cover

To start make sure the lobster tails are properly cleaned and ready to cook, rinse each thoroughly under water. Once both tails are clean, carefully cut both shells down the center starting from top to bottom. Place the tails on a clean plate, or leave them on the cutting surface or board you used, and the lobster prep portion is done with a good twelve minutes left on the timer. Now crack a beer because it’s time to get cooking.

On stovetop over medium heat, bring 12 fluid ounces (half a can) of your choice beer to a boil in a medium size sauce pan. Bring out the most succulent flavors of the lobster by using a beer that not only pairs well but enhances the taste, like a Belgian witbier that will leave your taste buds buzzing. Once the beer has come to a boil, put both lobster tails into the steamer basket then put it on top of the saucepan. Now take a sip of your beer in hand and bring the stove flame from boil to a simmer. Place the cover on the steamer basket and leave the lobster to soak up and simmer for 8 minutes.

Quick Tip:Check on the lobster while it cooks. According to some of the industry’s finest over at Lobster Anywhere; shellfish cook very fast and will turn tough and rubbery if over done, so keep an eye out for the meat to go from a clear translucent to a delicious opaque white.

While the lobster cooks to brew-tiful perfection it’s time to prep the secret twist to the recipe. A warm butter based dipping sauce is the go to for almost any lobster lover, so it’s time to kick it up a notch with a spicy twist of sirracha. Cut up half a stick of your room temperature butter into a mixing bowl and drizzle two tablespoons of sirracha over top. For the quickest way to melt, when there is a minute or two left on the lobster timer, toss the sirracha topped butter into the microwave for approximately 15 seconds on high setting.

When the timer rings, transition the lobster tails and beer sauce from the pan to a serving dish then grab your melted sirracha butter from the microwave and give it a good mix. With perhaps 3 minutes to spare your delicious beer simmered lobster is ready to dip and devour, enjoy!

Leftovers? Even better! Take out any leftover, refrigerated, lobster and leave it chilled to serve. Instead of heating up the sirracha butter sauce, put your muscles to some work and mix the room temperature butter with two tablespoons of sirracha until it becomes a creamy version of the sauce for dipping. Don’t forget to crack a fresh beer before digging in, you earned it!


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