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First Date? Here Are Four Tips to Ensure That It’s a Success

Preparing for your first date with an individual you have been interested in? Chances are you are feeling extremely nervous. Don’t worry, your date is probably feeling the same way! You might even be feeling more nervous if you’ve met them on gay dating sites or any other online platform as this would be the first time meeting them in real life. Everyone has to deal with the first date nerves; it is just a part of life. Going on a first date is exciting and you probably want to ensure everything goes perfectly. It is always a good idea to be well prepared before a first date especially if you have long-term intentions with this individual. The good news is, we have everything you need to know before your date! If you are having trouble even finding a date, then you can always find one on sites like doublelist. Then you just need to take a deep breath, trust us and learn our four tips to ensure your date is a success:

1. Plan Ahead

You can never be too prepared for a date. Planning ahead requires choosing the date location, your outfit, time, and even your cologne or perfume smell. If you really want to ensure everything goes smoothly, then getting ready early is always a good idea. Make sure your day is clear of any obstacles that could potentially get in the way of your date. This means canceling any appointments you had planned prior and given yourself a few hours ahead of the date in order to get ready, relax and prepare.

Going on first date doesn’t mean you have to reserve a table at the fanciest restaurant in town although if that’s your style, then certainly you can. But if your date is more low-key, then she/he might appreciate if you go out to a nice cafe in Docklands, or grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop in town. Maybe you could simply cook a delicious meal at your home if you’re a talented cook after a nice walk. If you’ve recently completed a kitchen remodeling project, then this would also be an excellent time to show off your new cooking environment. If you do decide to host your date at your own home, just be sure to schedule a full-service home cleaning prior to the date. You don’t want your date to walk in and see that your house is a mess.

The more time you give yourself the more relaxed you will feel instead of feeling rushed or stressed out. On another note, your date will notice right away if something is stressing you out and you don’t want that! Plan ahead so you can be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

2. Kill the Flower Game

Flowers, chocolates, whatever it may be, make a smart decision. Sometimes you may need some advice from a friend or go with your gut and choose the nicest bundle of flowers your local store has in stock. You want your date to know you went above and beyond to make them feel special. This also means don’t get the flowers that make them feel like they just finished a dance recital. Get a thick bouquet of roses or sunflowers, something that shows you are serious. On the other hand, if you are the recipient in this scenario then your job is to receive the kind gift in a gracious manner. Make sure your date knows you appreciate the thought, even if you don’t like the flowers! It can be a huge damper on confidence when a girl doesn’t seem impressed by the gesture.

3. Keep the Attention Off of Yourself

This goes back to dating 101. You never want to go on a date blabbing about yourself because that is an instant turn off for most individuals. Talking constantly about oneself is not only obnoxious but annoying. Don’t spend the entire date bragging about how you hit the jackpot in online casino or boasting your high-roller casino game skills. Sometimes we go off on tangents about ourselves when we are nervous, even if you don’t mean too.

A good rule of thumb is when you do find yourself talking too much, stop and ask your date a question. Check out this list of good questions and have some in your head ready to ask your date. It shows your date that you respect them, and you earnestly want to get to know them. It is also a good idea to show your best listening skills. If your date complains of poor sleep lately, for instance, instead of talking about how you also didn’t sleep well, keep the focus on your date. Suggest looking up side sleeper mattress reviews, or taking melatonin for improved sleep. If your date complains of wanting to fix his/her squint eye, don’t awkwardly change the conversation. Instead talk about how there are squint eye exercises to correct misaligned eyes, or reassure your date that you find them attractive regardless. Show that you are being intentional with your listening skills, that shows the other person that you truly care about their time and what they have to say.

4. Make the Other Individual Feel Special

Go into this date with the goal of making the other individual feel like a king or queen. When you make the other individual feel special it is likely they will want to see you again. It is important that you show your intentions on the first date because you might not have a second chance. In order to make your date feel special, you will need to give them compliments, spoil them with surprises or constantly make the date all about them. If for instance, you know your date is an avid outdoors enthusiast, you can talk about how you recently purchased outdoor hiking and adventure gear and that you would like to go on a hike with them sometime, maybe for your next date. It wills how your date that you are mindful and interested in their passions. When you make the other person feel like they are on top of the world they will leave the date feeling not only good for themselves but also good about being with you. This date should be about the other individual, so make it your goal to ensure that happens and your odds of having a successful date will be high.

At the end of this, you should be feeling pretty confident before your first date. Keep in mind that being yourself and staying calm is the best way to be.


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