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How to Save Money When You Move to a New Family Home

Moving to a new house can be one of the most exciting times in your family’s life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. This can be due to the time it takes to pack everything up and move away, but it is mostly down to the extra costs that people occur before moving day arrives. These extra costs might be getting someone to help clean your house once the lease is over (you can get your bond back with end of lease cleaning company here). Once you have already spent lots of money on a house, the last thing you want is to be throwing more into the moving process. If you are thinking of moving house or even to a different country, to Australia for example, www.wabuildingcompany.com.au can help you plan to build your dream home. While some costs are necessary, there are some foolproof tips you can follow which will save you money when it comes to the big day.

Set yourself a budget

It’s easy to let costs get out of hand when you move. Moving companies, last meals, and even cardboard boxes can all add up to create soaring expenses that you might not expect. One of the best ways to curb these costs is by setting yourself a realistic budget which will cover everything you need it to. This will allow you to be creative with how you save money, and will also act as a reminder if you want to spend money on something that you might not need to help you. To help you stick to such a budget, it’s wise to make a list before you allocate which funds go where, and to make a small pocket of money available should any unexpected costs crop up along the way. This means that you will always be covered, even in the case of an emergency, without having to see a worrying dent in your bank account funds. If you are trying to save money on things, then one way that you can do this is to get cheap conveyancing quotes, but there are loads of other things that you could do to help you out with your budget.

Book your moving company in advance

If you have more than two people in your house, this means you will have too many possessions to fit inside a rental van. In fact, it is most likely that you will need to book a moving company to take everything to your new place in one go. Most companies will charge a large amount if you have lots of stuff to take with you, and sometimes, quotes can be unfairly given. This is why it’s best for you to enlist the help of local moving companies. Not only will these provide a friendly face among the stresses of a move, but they will usually charge much less than corporate companies for the same job. In fact, companies such as these sometimes won’t charge you for how many belongings you need to take, but how long it will take to transport it. They also offer a fair damage cover in the very small chance that anything is lost or broken. To learn more about local moving companies, you can look at home moving on realrocknroll.com and see what services are offered.

Ask your friends to help

For some families, even hiring a moving company is too much money to think about. This is where you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family, who will want to see your move go as smoothly as you do. Some friends might have vans they can take some of your furniture over in, and some may lend a hand with packing if you are kept busy with work in the run-up. It might even be useful to you if they look after the kids for a few hours so that you can pack your belongings up with ease and no distractions.

Don’t take all your possessions with you

There is a huge temptation when you move away to take every single one of your possessions along with you. While this is a dream for many, it is also not likely a possibility. Though there are certain possessions which you will want and need to take with you, others are easily replaceable and can be left behind. As some moving companies charge for the volume of your belongings, it will up costs in the long term. Sometimes, it is cheaper for you to leave your pots and pans in your old house, or donate them to charity, as you can buy these when you move to the new house. The most successful ways of getting rid of such belongings are holding yard sales, giving away clothes to charities, and letting the family have their pick of what they want.

Get free cardboard boxes

Unexpected costs will often show up in the abundance of cardboard boxes you may have invested in to help with the move. While these are an essential part of the moving process, it could seem like a waste to spend so much money on something that will only be used for a few days. To help do your bit for the environment, and to help save money, spend a little time going around to local companies and asking if there are any usable boxes that they may be throwing away. There is a chance they will let you take these off their hands.

Choose the right time to move

If you want to move during a busy period, then you could incur extra costs from the moving company. In fact, weekends are the time when most people have a couple of days off work to commit to moving, so moving companies are inundated with requests. This means they will often charge extra for moving on a day when there is more traffic and when they are in high demand. It may be worth booking a day off work during the week to move when the roads are clear, and moving costs are low. This will also remove the stress of moving when the kids are around, as you can move when they are in school and pick them up afterwards.

Don’t spend your money on take-outs

Many families fall into the trap of ordering take-out meals when all their cutlery and crockery is packed away. It can cost a lot to feed a large family, so this could be a huge part of your budget that you are throwing away. To stay healthy and free of additional food costs, keep parts of your kitchen utensils out for the last box of belongings, and be inventive about what you can feed everyone. This way, you also won’t be wasting any food that is left in your fridge or freezer.


  • PattiAnn Green

    My daughter and her husband are looking to buy their first home. I’m going to share this with her. Great tips! Thank you.

  • Cathy Jarolin

    We Moved to our second home about 12 yrs ago. We threw away alot of things that we didnt plan on taking to our new Home. It was just me and my Husband so it wasn’t too Bad. When we got to our new home we bought all new furniture and basically started again! Lol! Now in approx. 1 &1/2 yrs we will be moving again to s different State ( Florida) .. So your tips will be wisely used.. Thank You so much for Sharing..

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