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Dealing with Senior Parents Living With You as a Mom 

Your parents have given you everything they have to offer in this world – and now, it has reached a time where it is time for you to do the same. Due to the advanced age that your parents have reached, you have decided to take them under your wing as you embark on a new chapter of your life that comes with the care of your elderly parents. You love them so much and only want the best of love and care for them, much like Pocatello in-home care, and you want to give them all the love and support they deserve. But taking care of your elderly parents is not without its challenges for sure. Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom (or both) taking care of your parents and any children at home can be a full ride and an unexpected journey filled with its ups and downs. 

A Challenge but a Great Experience 

As parents get older, they need more assistance with the daily tasks and often require help. After taking the leap to have them move in with you, there are challenges ahead – but there are also wonderful times ahead as well. These later years in a senior parents life are times that you can use to connect and have a closer relationship with them. Overcoming any inevitable challenges can also be a way to further grow a relationship with them and their relationship to their grandbabies. 

Pros and Cons

With any new and big change comes the pros and the cons of the situation. Some pros with having parents move in with you, is you are providing the opportunity to have a closer relationship with them in these older years of their lives. Many people as they get older, in general, need more assistance. By having them live with you, you are potentially cutting the costs and hassle and time of driving to their home in order to assist them with anything they might need. You will have the opportunity to check on them and help them right across the hallway. That can be amazingly convenient and extremely beneficial for both parties involved, especially if you were already assisting them anyway. Some cons with having older parents move in with you, is you could deal with emotions of obligation and guilt when it comes to the need of having to take care of them. There is also a lack of privacy that happens when other people live with you as well.

Tips for Having Senior Parents Live with You 

Understanding the type of care your parents will be needing is important in understanding their needs of what you can and cannot provide. Setting boundaries will help you maintain a solid and loving relationship with your parents and your children as well. Although your parents may be living with you. It is important to prioritize your relationship with your spouse to ensure a healthy relationship. This can be an exciting and scary time in your life but, if done right, can really be beneficial to both you and your loved, senior parents at home. If this is still overwhelming, there are also the options of in-home care that could ease some of this burden as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you truly need help in this journey.