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Enjoy the World’s Easiest & Yummiest Granola Protein Smoothie Bowl Anytime & Anywhere with joyböl!

With Back To School right around the corner, my family and I are getting everything ready for the kiddos to go back to school and also for us to get back into a regular routine which I am for sure missing. But before the summer ends and school begins, we are squeezing in a few more family outings. My daughter and I want to get out to Montauk for another hiking trip, and all of the kiddos want to hit the beach a time or two before Labor Day plus we are even looking to get in a quick road trip to the Poconos to check out the area as we may purchase a home there. With all of that said, finding the perfect snack and meal options that will keep you satisfied and fueled while on the go is a must which is why my family and I are loving Kellog’s joyböl’s!

joyböl’s are a granola smoothie bowl that are portable and delicious and that are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack option. I honestly enjoy it at lunch as a quick fill me up that is satisfying and delicious while working at my desk.

joyböl’s are creamy, crunchy, totally portable and amazingly delicious for on-the-go goodness that is super easy to make. Simply add some cold water or milk, stir and enjoy! Seriously…they are that easy to make and they are perfection for my daughter and I to take on our hike, or even for the trip to the beach as I can just whip out a bottle of cold water from our cooler and mix them up and enjoy. It does not get easier or more portable than that.

joyböl’s are available on Amazon and there are three delicious favors to choose from. You can choose from Strawberry Almond Quinoa, Superberries Chia and Chocolate Hazelnut. They are all delicious and I especially love the Strawberry Almond Quinoa and my husband is all about the Chocolate Hazelnut flavor which tastes like chocolate ice cream when blended. Let’s take a look at the three flavors….

Strawberry Almond Quinoa joyböl

joyböl’s Strawberry Almond Quinoa is my personal favorite. It is packed with delicious granola clusters made with whole grain oats, almonds, quinoa, and dried strawberries. It is perfection for breakfast or as a mid-day snack with its 11 grams of protein plus I love that  joyböl’s contain no artificial flavors or colors and they are Non-GMO Verified. Ready-in-seconds, you will enjoy a creamy, crunchy granola smoothie bowl that is perfect for the busy on-the-go lifestyles that we all live today and they are perfect for kids and adult. Kids can enjoy them at school, in the office, at home, the gym, or anywhere as there is no refrigeration or blender needed!

Chocolate Hazelnut joyböl

joyböl’s Chocolate Hazelnut with Chia is totally delicious and is my husbands favorite flavor. This one is granola clusters made with whole grain oats, hazelnuts, semisweet chocolate, coconut & Chia seeds. As with all joyböl’s… they are the perfect protein breakfast or mid-day snack made easy as you simply add cold water or milk, stir well and enjoy. It really does not get better than that and the fact that you need no blender or refrigeration makes the totally portable. joyböl’s Chocolate Hazelnut with Chia is packed with 10 grams of protein and there are no artificial flavors or colors and they are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Superberries Chia joyböl

joyböl’s Superberries Chia is another delicious flavor that the whole gang will enjoy. There are delicious granola clusters made of whole grain oats, dried cranberries, chia seeds, and dried blackberries. With 11 grams of protein packed into every Superberries Chia joybol ensure it is the perfect portable snack option that satisfies. As with all joybol’s there is no blender or refrigeration needed making them portable deliciousness perfect for my hikes and trips to the beach and honestly as a yummy mid day snack to hold me until dinner time.

So what do you think of these delicious portable granola protein packed smoothie bowls from joyböl? Are you like myself and a busy mom on-the-go that finds it hard to get a minute in for yourself? joyböl’s are the solution as the are portable protein packed smoothie bowls that are satisfying and delicious plus there is absolutely NO blender, NO refrigerator and NO barista needed to make these smoothie bowls. Head over to Amazon today to check them out and purchase as they are delicious, satisfying and good for you!


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