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Check Your Storage for Vintage Clothes Treats

Could there be some gorgeous vintage clothes in your storage unit? Let’s find out if you’re sitting on some amazing clothing without knowing it. 

Self storage units are facilities many of us use to manage our business, manage a hobby or just free up some space in or home. However, sometimes storage units are used for the long-term. For instance, they enable us to store items inherited from a deceased loved one. They enable us to store personal items from our own bedroom at our parents’ house when we go off to college or move away for a job. 

There are lots of reasons to use storage for the long-term security of your belongings. 

One of the best aspects of long-term self storage is that it creates a bit of a hive for treasures. Treasures like antiques growing in value, or clothes from the past that suddenly come back in fashion. 

Could your personal self storage unit be holding an array of gorgeous vintage clothes? Could it be a secret dressing up box from the past? 

Here are a few fashion secrets that you could have in storage right now:

90’s T-shirts

If you haven’t noticed, the 90’s is back in full swing in the fashion world. What would have been rubbish T-shirt’s with tacky pictures on before, are now highly sought after by the youth of today. Have a dig around your storage unit sand see if you have any cool T-shirt’s from the 90’s lying around, you could probably make a pretty penny from them selling on eBay or Craigslist. 

Old Designer Bags

Designer bags increase in value as they age. Could your grandmother’s wardrobe hold a treasure like this? Could the box from your mother’s garage have a valuable secret designer inside? Old designer bags go up in value a lot, as long as they are in good condition. Do get yours valued by a professional if you find one – you could be in for a nice surprise.

Levi’s, Especially High Waisted Jeans

Levi’s denim is designed to get better with age. If you have any Levi’s items, they will likely be desirable for sale. This is particularly true with vintage denim jackets and high waisted jeans. 


Genuine shoes from the 80’s and 90’s are a great vintage find, especially in great condition. Platform trainers in particular are sought after by those embracing 90’s fashion. 

Designer shoes in great condition, are worth a huge amount more if they are boxed. If you find these, you might want to get them valued by a professional. 


Anything boho is a real asset if you want to make a bit of money. Simple wedding dresses, gorgeous sun dresses, floaty genuine pieces from the 70’s – all of these are of value. This is especially true if they have a story attached to them. 

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses like aviators are great for fashionistas who want the real thing when they perfect their look. You can buy sunglasses that look vintage, but they aren’t a patch on the real deal. 

Fashion & Tech Combined

Certain pieces of fashion are particularly desirable, from a time when technology combined with fashion in the most basic way. A talking watch, for example, was a novelty then. Now it is a cool collector’s piece. 

Above are just some examples of fashion treasures you could find hidden away in storage. Deep storage is great for protecting clothes, and for helping them keep their value. Why not have a rummage soon? You never know what fabulous fashion treats you’ll find. 

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