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How to Show your Appreciation for People in Your Life

2020 has been a tough year so far for just about everyone. While you might have made time to say thank you to friends and family who’ve pitched in, the chances are that there are other people in your life, and the lives of those near and dear to you, who’ve made a real difference. Supportive co-workers, passionate teachers, helpful staff at your local corner shop – they all might, in their own way, have made a difference. So how do you give something back?

Give them a Compliment

A simple reward that makes just about everyone feel good about themselves is a compliment. This is especially so if they don’t receive compliments all that often. Be polite and courteous, and specific about why you appreciate the person in question.

Express thanks while other people are listening

If you have everyone sat around a table (or, more realistically, in a Zoom meeting), then you might take the opportunity to thank one person in particular in front of everyone. You don’t need to be cringe-inducing in your praise – just a short comment will get the job done.

Email the employer

If you’ve had a positive experience with someone who’s doing a job, then why not make sure that the people above them know about it? When people have a bad experience with a member of staff, then they’re far more likely to complain than those who’ve had a good experience are likely to offer praise. You can redress this balance!

Personalized Stationary

Teachers receive all kinds of gifts from their students. As such, if you’re shopping for gifts to thank a teacher, it’s best to go for something that’s quirky or consumable. Chocolates and sweets are reliable gifts, as are pencils and other items of stationary. Personalize the gift with a special message – or you might even go entirely DIY.

Greetings Cards

A thank you card, received out of the blue, can make someone’s day. Nowadays, there are all manner of online services ready to help you get a personalised message across via the magic of the internet. Compose a suitable, heartfelt and sincere message and get it sent.

A Donation

Most of the special people in our lives will have a cause that’s dear to their heart. Find out what it is, and make a donation to that cause on their behalf. This way, there’s no risk of your gift being left to gather dust – and you’ll know that it’s gone to a worthy cause.

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