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How to Feel Like You’re on Vacation Without Leaving Your Hometown

Many of you may be dreaming of a vacation this summer but for some of you this may not be a viable option. The double whammy of travel restrictions due to the pandemic and the strain you may have felt on your finances in the last year has made international travel a no go for the time being. But the rise of the ‘staycation’ is here to save you! Whilst a great deal of time and effort goes into researching the best tourist attractions in your chosen vacation spot and you ensure you don’t miss a thing, your hometown often doesn’t get a look in. Now is the time to explore what’s on offer on your own doorstep – you might be amazed at how much is out there that you don’t even know about!

The biggest benefit of a staycation is the impact (or lack thereof) that it has on your wallet! For some other great money saving tips check out Ways to Stay on Top of Your Personal Finances.

Set aside a week for yourself and your family/friends to dedicate to your staycation. Book a much deserved week off work and plan out your time


Take some time to research the museums in your local area and find one or two that interest you. Entry is often free (to some parts of the museum if not all) and is a great way to enjoy an interesting and educational day out. Pack a lunch to take with you to eat in the grounds – many museums are often set in beautiful gardens and are happy for you to enjoy them at your leisure. 


A good theater show is a great way to spend a night out and doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you are happy to go midweek, there are often tickets that are unsold on the day of the show that are sold at lower prices than usual. Call or visit the box office to see what they can offer you. 


Enjoy a day out in your local park or forest. Take a hike through the wilderness and spend some time with Mother Nature. This is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air without spending a dime. This is an enjoyable way to spend the majority of your time if you are really keen to do this on a budget. If that’s the case this may be the time to start thinking about tackling your money worries by reaching out to a company such as Canyon Legal Group.


Look up any new restaurants in your area or visit that one you’ve had your eye on for ages but haven’t found the time to visit. The great thing about taking a vacation in your hometown is that you can meet up with friends for dinner! 


Now is your chance to check out a few bars you may not have been to before or rediscover some old favorites! Alternatively, create a bar in your own kitchen to keep costs down and invite some friends over! 


  • megan allen

    We have done this many times actually. You can still have fun as a family and make memories without traveling far away! Thanks for the advice!

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