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Healthier Cooking Made Delicious With The GoWISE 11.6Qt USA Vibe Multi Air Fryer Oven! @GoWISEUSA @SMGurusNetwork

Healthier Cooking Made Delicious With The GoWISE 11.6Qt USA Vibe Multi Air Fryer Oven! @GoWISEUSA @SMGurusNetwork

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I love to cook and create delicious meals for my family, but lately I am trying to put a healthy spin on the meals that I cook which means cutting back on fried foods… even though as a southern girl that can be extremely hard for me as everything is so delicious when it is fried. This is why I was so excited to try the GoWISE USA 11.6Qt Vibe Mutli Fryer Oven as this unit will help me to create fried foods for my family that are healthy and delicious as I am using little to no oils when cooking my foods in this fabulous machine that does so much all while taking up very little counter space.

The GoWISE USA 11.6Qt. Vibe Mutli Air Fryer Oven comes with everything you need to get started and so much more. This unit is not just an air fryer but you can rotisserie in this and dehydrate fruit as well which is awesome! The Vibe comes with 8 accessories to provide maximum cooking potential…. a rotisserie tong, rotisserie rod, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, and 3 mesh trays. 

The GoWISE USA 11.6Qt Vibe Multi Air Fryer Oven is a space saving design that fits comfortably on your countertop, while still providing you with 11.6 quarts of cooking space which is huge.

I love the digital touchscreen with 8 pre-set programs that the Vibe comes with as it is sleek, modern looking and easy to use. The display allows you to control your cook time (between 1 to 60 minutes, or 9 hours for dehydrate) and temperature (between 160°F – 400°F), and allows you to activate the rotisserie function and oven light, or it allows you to use one of eight preset cooking programs.

The GoWISE USA 11.6Qt Vibe Multi Air Fryer Oven also features a removable door which makes cleaning the unit a breeze as well as a mesh heating element cover that prevents food from reaching the heating element. I also love that the unit comes with a cookbook containing 50 Starter Recipes in addition to a 1 Year Warranty. The recipes are step by step and provide the perfect assortment of recipes to get you exploring all that the GoWISE USA 11.6Qt Vibe Multi Air Fryer can do.


So what do you think of the GoWISE USA 11.6QT Vibe Multi Air Fryer Oven? Have you been wanting an air fryer of your own so that you can create delicious crispy fried foods using little to no oils that taste delicious like myself? Check out GoWISE USA today online and on social media as they carry an array of Air Fryers perfect for creating delicious and healthy fried crispy foods for you and your family and they are a brand that I use, love and trust.


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  • Lynne B

    This is one of the most appealing air fryers I’ve seen yet. I love that it has a large capacity. The rotisserie and basket are great additions.

  • Rachel Mertz

    I love having my nephews and nieces for sleepovers on the weekends. Bagels are our favorite breakfast item. But, it takes so long to toast them in my toaster – we all end up eating breakfast at different times. This would toast them all together so we could eat toasty bagels together – perfect!

  • Wendy Forbes Forbes

    This looks like a really nice air fryer. I love that it’s digital, space saving, and large enough to make a rotisserie style chicken. I’ve been wanting one for a while now so that I can eat healthier with little to no oil and without heating up the kitchen.

  • Heather K

    Wow those kabobs look amazing in that photo, but the first thing I would try honestly would be chicken fingers as I feel like they never really get crispy enough in the stove.

  • Gabrielle

    This looks terrific. I’ve been seeking an alternative to frying in oil because it’s just not a healthy way to eat. The fact that this oven also works as a dehydrator and rotisserie makes it even more desirable.

  • Robin Abrams

    I love the size of this Air Fryer. I want to start cooking healthier for my grand kids. This sounds like it would be perfect for us

  • Barrie

    I love the size of this air fryer. There are shelves but also able to cook a chicken! It looks like a healthier way to cook.

  • Deborah W.

    I love this product. I too am trying to fix healthier foods for my family and myself. This looks like a great alternative to frying in a pan of oil. I know that GoWise products are the best out there. I love my GoWise instant pot.

  • Amber Kolb

    This looks amazing!! We’ve been trying to get healthier as a family too, but we miss out on things like french fries. This is SO much better! I love that you can cook so many other meals in it too. Definitely an appliance I would use daily.

  • Ashley Trail

    I love so much about this. Mainly, I love that its multi purposeful and I could get rid of a few appliances. I am all for “less is more” . Thanks for this article, it was very informative!

  • kate g

    I love the versatility of this air fryer and I’ve read really good reviews on GoWise. What I don’t like is the controls. What if I want to cook something that doesn’t have a picture? Guess? Check the manual? That’s a real negative for me.

  • Tamra Phelps

    This looks like a really good sized air fryer. I like that it’s an ‘oven.’ I really want to try an air fryer.

  • Mary Ross

    I don’t own an air fryer. I just couldn’t justify spending the money, when I know so little about them. I have been researching them though. This one sounds so much nicer, and more user friendly than the ones I have read about. The size, the implements included, and the recipe book make this one very appealing. Thanks!

  • FS Page

    Gowise Multi air fryer sounds perfect for my family. Each one of us is in love with french fries, samosas, chips, and all things fried. This is definitely a better way of healthy living. Hope everything tastes the same as it does when fried in oil

  • Kimberly O

    I love the capacity and the racks. I have a “regular” air fryer which does not accommodate our needs. This one fits the bill! And with a rotisserie to boot!!

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    This looks like the best airfryer design I’ve seen. It’s large enough for full meals and easy to fill/empty.

  • Steve Weber

    This would be amazing to have. I’ve always wanted to make my own deep fried cheese curds, pickles and onion rings. This would be a great appliance to have if you host a lot of people.

  • Thomas Gibson

    I have wanted an air fryer since tis product came out. The thought of eating my favorite fried foods without the grease seems so appealing. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  • Amy Rose Ledesma

    I have been wanting one for a long time. Almost like when I was a kid with the easy bake oven. I will be honest. I love sweet potato fries and homemade donuts and the idea of baking/airfrying some delicious pumpkin donuts is something that for sure makes me want to get one of these badboys. Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to win!!!

  • Lauren U

    I’ve wanted an air fryer for quite awhile. I love that this one comes with a rotisserie cage too. I would use this ALL the time!

  • Kelly Smith

    I love the size of this air fryer. There are shelves but also able to cook a chicken! It looks like a healthier way to cook.

  • Cheryl T

    Ok, I seriously need this in my life. I love the skewer option and it looks easy to clean. That’s always a plus. We also love rotisserie chicken, so appreciate knowing exactly what’s IN my chicken by making it myself.

  • Chris

    I’ve not seen an Air Fry, yet…your review was informative and I think that having a removable door for easy cleaning is a great idea!

  • Karen Propes

    This fryer looks wonderful, it does everything, I would use it every day it’s so versatile. I’m amazed that they can get all these features in one appliance. I have medical problems and eating healthy is one of my main concerns. GoWise has covered all the bases when it comes to an Air Fryer.

  • Karen Propes

    This would be perfect for my family. I have medical conditions that need me to eat as healthy as I can. I would love this Multi Fryer. I covers all the bases on ways to prepare meals. Great way to enjoy cooking and eat healthier.

  • Kelli Boggio

    I have been wanting to try air frying for years. Deep frying is just too messy for this neat freak. My sister has an air fryer and makes the best hot wings in it!

  • samantha

    I have heard that they are good for you and actually help when you are on a diet. I need a 6 qt air fryer here to. My mother is a great cook I just could not imagine all the stuff she could come up with with this air fryer.

  • Judy Swann

    First, thank you for the great pictures. They really give a good view of the product and you can visualize what it will actually look like in your environment. I think your review was very comprehensive. Getting this product, after reading the above, leaves very little surprises to the buyer. My favorite part is the quart size. I think that is a doable size to cook with for a medium size to downright large event. Because of the size, combined with the time, a person won’t be up all night trying to get the food done for Thanksgiving or otherwise. This review was great. Your descriptions are true and I only wish I had your way with words–would save me so much time talking to my kids!

  • Sarah Mayer

    I love all the features! and it doesn’t take up a ton of room on the counter either. This would be amazing for the holiday season for hosting parties.

  • Jacqueline Mclean

    This air fryer sounds wonderful. I’ve heard negative things about other ones. I think this one would be perfect.

  • Jacqueline McLean

    This Air Fryer sounds wonderful. I’ve heard negative things about other brands. But this one sounds like it’d be perfect.

  • Melissa Storms

    I have wanted an air fryer for a long time. I am kind of happy that I waited until this type came out though.

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