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Your Guide to Deciding Which Wine Suits Your Meal Perfectly

If you’ve invited your friends over for a dinner party and are panicking about which type of wine you should be serving with your meal, then you can’t go wrong with a Qantas Wine however if you’re still not sure and you’d like to consider some other wines too then you’ve found the perfect guide. It’s important to find the wine that suits your flavors and ingredients to ensure that your guests get the best possible experience when tasting your meals. We also recommend investing in the best wine aerator you can afford to give your dinner party the suave atmosphere that you’re looking for. So here is your go to guide for deciding which wine suits your meal perfectly.

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Rosé Wine

Rosé wine is a very diverse wine, often overlooked by many people when choosing a wine to go with their meal. With its refreshing and light taste, rosé wine could be the perfect drink for either the starter, main or dessert at your dinner party. Choose a light dry rosé wine for lighter meals such as salads, pasta or those containing fish. Or serve a sparkling rosé wine when eating cakes and other desserts at the end of your meal. Read this guide for a more detailed description of what to pair with all different types of rosé wine.

White Wine

White wine often divides wine lovers, with some preferring its red counterpart and others being loyal white wine drinkers. This drink can go with a variety of meals and meats, so you’re bound to find a place for white wine during your dinner party. Most types of white wines go perfectly with a fish dish or small appetizer. Try to avoid serving it with things such as steak, as white wine is a delicate drink. Have a look at this chart to find out which types of white wines pair best with different types of foods.

Red Wine

Red wine is the boldest of the wine selection, many people do not enjoy this drink until their pallets have matured. It is a diverse drink that will pair perfectly with many foods. Red wines come from a variety of places and regions, each with their own distinct taste and perfect paring. Most people choose to pair red wine with the main part of their meal, as it is a perfect drink for meats such as lamb and beef. This short article will give you all of the information that you need for deciding where best to place red wine with your meal, and which red wine you should be choosing in the shops.

Wine is a very popular drink with both men and women, it’s the perfect drink for setting a classy and relaxed atmosphere for your dinner party. With such a massive selection of wines on the market, you’ll be sure to find a product perfect for your guests and the food that you are serving. Make sure you buy plenty for the night, as delicious wines will be finished very quickly, with your guests’ eager to get into the next bottle.


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