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Easy 3 Step Plan to Clean Your Dryer Vent

Here’s one of the best tips you’ll find this year.

No, it’s probably not something your parents taught you. But I wish mine did. Did you know a dryer vent can become a fire hazard? The lint inside can easily ignite due to heat or a spark. These fires cause a large number of accidental home fires every year. And many can actually be prevented. That is why it’s a good idea to have someone like https://willardductcleaning.com when you are looking for a vent cleaning service.

That’s why this easy 3 step plan is one you should print out and put up in your home. Don’t let anyone forget how vital this is for home safety.

And this is all you need to do.

Step by Step Tutorial

1: The Lint Screen

Once again a task that’s supposed to be compulsory, but few people give it attention. They only remember when it’s too late when the machine doesn’t work properly anymore.

How often should you clean out your lint screen? Every time you use the dryer. Why? Because despite lint being so light, it can become so tightly packed that hot air wont’ move through the screen anymore.

When the air can’t move freely your drying times will become much longer? Why not prevent frustration by upgrading your maintenance?

2: The Dryer Vent

This is the important step. It’s necessary because even quality lint screens will allow some fibers through.

The frequency for this task should be every three months, but it depends on how often your dryer is used. Here’s what you do:

– Switch off the dryer and unplug it from the power source
– Pull the dryer away from the wall
– Disconnect the dryer duct from the machine
– Use your vacuum cleaner to clean both ends and suck as many fibers out of the duct as possible

See, it’s not difficult. And the effort it takes is worth your family’s safety.

A few tips:

– You’ll find that certain ducts accumulate less fibers, because of less static. If you find an abnormal amount of a fibres it might make sense to contact an air duct cleaning expert (known as an “Expert en nettoyage de conduits d’air” in the French-speaking provinces”). It is imperative that the ducts are cleaned properly, which is why many prefer the professional service.
– Most ducts are made of foil or plastic, but a metal duct works because it won’t ever sag. Now you won’t have a hub where all the fibers drift into, blocking the air flow and forming a hazard.
– Another benefit of installing a metal duct is that it may help contain a fire if one breaks out.
– Thankfully new inventions continually enter the market and inventors know exactly what you’re struggling with. These days you’ll find vacuum cleaner attachments designed for this task. There are many dryer vent cleaning kits on the market at the moment which provide the user with all the equipment that they will need to break down the buildup of Lint. Which if left on your filter can block airflow and has even been known to cause fires!

Your solutions are getting easier, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t do this regularly.

3: Moisture Sensors

Another role player is the moisture sensor. It’s supposed to monitor when clothes are dry, but lint build up on the sensors will prevent accurate readings. Now your clothes may get too hot and dry, which leads to a higher chance of static & sparks.

Clean them regularly by rubbing them with cotton wool.

More Reasons to Clean Your Vents

It’s not a lot of effort, but perhaps you need even more motivation to keep your vents clean. Here they are:

– Your dryer will work more efficiently
– Your clothes will dry faster
– Clothing will smell better
– You may prevent allergies from acting up with less dust in the house
– Less mold will form in the vents because moisture won’t be trapped as easily

These few tasks will leave your home safe and hygienic. Do you have enough reasons now?


It’s actually frightening that neglecting to follow these dryer vent cleaning and repair steps on a regular basis can have detrimental consequences. But now you don’t have an excuse anymore. You know how and when to do this. Please tell everyone you know about it as well.


  • Karen Jaras

    Our dryer is on our basement for our current home, I noticed it takes longer to dry my clothes and they do not smell as nice. Our prior home the dryer was on the main level and I did not have issues. I am wondering if it is damp in the basement and causes the lint to stick?

    • mcushing7

      I am so like you! I did not even realize there were moisture sensors! Too funny…. you are not alone 🙂 I always clean the lint trap too.

  • Jamie Johnson

    I did not even know my dryer HAD moisture censors, but it makes total sense! Thank you for these tips! I ALWAYS clean my lint catcher, mostly because I’m scared my house will burn down if I don’t! I like the way you put it about cleaning the vents and everything else for no other reason than for your clothes to smell better, and clothes drying faster had me convinced immediately! Looks like I’ll be doing some small renovations later today! Thank you!

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