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How to Help a Family with a New Baby

When a family has a new baby, the automatic inclination is to want to help. You want to provide whatever you can to that family because you likely remember how stressful it was when your own family was at that point. With that being said, not every new mom or set of parents is going to want the same level or type of help.

Some families see the birth of a new child as an opportunity to have time with one another, and if you’re popping over to see them and provide your version of help, they might not enjoy it.

There are certain ways that you can help a family with the arrival of a new baby that doesn’t lend to the sense that you’re being intrusive or overwhelming. The following are some of those tips.

Send An Electronic Gift Card

When you’ve just had a baby, you might not be in the mood for visitors, but there are probably plenty of supplies you need to buy. Rather than buying what you think a new family needs, give them some flexibility and show your support with something like a Flipkart gift card. This allows them to get the things they do need, and you’ve shown that you’re there for them.

Many gift cards allow recipients to shop online, so they don’t even have to leave home which can in and of itself be a blessing when there’s a newborn involved.

Mail a Care Package

Another option to show support and welcome a new baby without actually ringing the family’s doorbell is to send a care package. You can send items for the baby, but send things they’re likely to use such as a wonderful gift basket for babies first bath filled with everything mom and dad will need such as the best baby bathtub, baby soap, baby shampoos, wash cloths, diapers, wipes and more. You may even want to prepare them with some of the things that they might need as the baby gets older, like something similar to the products that Tastyganics has on offer. This should be able to give them a better idea about the products that are out on the market so that they are ready for when their baby enters the next stage of his/her life.

Don’t forget about the rest of the family as well. You can send some treats for mom and dad, and if the baby has older siblings, maybe a small treat for them.

Volunteer to Hire a Cleaning Service

When you’re new parents, it’s very difficult to find the time to clean your house with around-the-clock feeding schedules and staying up all night. The family might enjoy the luxury of a cleaning service for one morning or afternoon, and you could spring for the costs.

Just make sure you check with them before booking to make sure it’s something they’re comfortable with, and that you can find a time that works for their schedule.

Offer to Spend Time with Older Siblings

If a mother has multiple children she’s caring for at the same time as her new baby, she might not feel like she’s getting enough bonding time with the newborn. She may also feel like she’s not getting enough time for the essentials, like sleeping time.

If you’re comfortable with it, you might volunteer to watch older siblings for an afternoon.

Finally, you can also ask a new mom if there are any errands she’d like for you to run. It’s difficult to leave the house with a newborn, and maybe you can spend a few hours doing shopping for her as she adjusts to the changes in her life.


  • marthalynn

    Your timing on this is so perfect! We have friends who just welcomed twins to their family. I love the idea of spending time with the older siblings. The electronic gift-card would be appreciated by any new parent, especially those far away!

  • Katie Bellamy

    These are great ideas! I prepared some freezer meals for my Sister Inlaw when she had her baby!

  • Patricia Hoffmeister

    These ideas would be useful for elderly people. Spend time with older people, clean for them, send them a surprise package.

  • Lauryn R

    These are fantastic ways to help family and friends that have a new baby! I didn’t live close to mine when I had my kids, but did receive care packages. It means the world and can help so much during this time. 🙂

  • Shirley Symon

    Gift cards are best because they allow the family to choose what they need from all the delivery/pickup services available.

  • Seyma Bennett

    Great article. I was lucky to have my parents living in the same city and my MIL came to visit for a month after my sons were born. I love the care package idea!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    Having a new baby in the family can really be life changing. They are to get on a whole new routine. These are some great suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing

  • MD Kennedy

    I’ve never had children myself, but my sister and sisters-in-law have been through it. And dealing with a new baby is so stressful even though wonderful. My sister-in-law says the biggest help was a 3-month supply of diapers that was shipped to her house!

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