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Discover the Best of Maui: 6 Must-Do’s While Exploring the Island

Discover the best of Maui with this guide on the top things to do when visiting Hawaii – this is the perfect way to get to know the real essence of the island.

Around 2.7 million tourists visit the beautiful island of Maui every year. 

This Hawaiian island boasts a gorgeous national park, waterfalls, stunning weather, and delicious food. 

Below, we’ll look at some of the great things you can do while visiting Maui.

After experiencing the best of Maui, you won’t want to leave the island. Give each of these 7 things a try! 

1. Visit the Black Sand Beach

When you first arrive in Maui, it’s likely you’ll want to see the beautiful beaches and start relaxing! 

The Honokalani Black Sand Beach is absolutely stunning and something that many people will never have seen before.

You will find this beach just off the Hana Highway. While walking along it, look out for the local bird colonies and interesting rock formations. 

Often, the ocean is rough here so do not expect to go swimming!

2. Explore Haleakalā National Park

This park is a treat for nature lovers. Get out into the wilderness and come across species that are endangered everywhere else on the planet. 

The landscape goes from volcanic to the rainforest very quickly. Go for a hike with experienced locals who can show you this beautiful corner of the planet.

This national park is named after the huge dormant volcano which sits in its midst. Visit the crater and you’ll have stunning views across the island!

3. Eat Delicious Fruit at a Pineapple Farm

What is the first fruit you think of when someone says Hawaii? It has to be the pineapple! 400 million pineapples are grown in this state.

This delicious snack is also grown in Maui. If you haven’t seen a pineapple farm before, it’s well worth a visit. 

Travel with the farmers into the pineapple fields and sample the delicious offerings of the farm. Then, enjoy a pineapple based cocktail in the evening!

4. Visit the Bailey House Museum

The Maui Historical Society owns this house. By visiting, you will learn all about the history and culture of this beautiful island. 

If you’re feeling a little sunburned, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon out of the rays! Better yet, it’s a family-friendly activity. 

The house was built in 1833 and is made from koa wood and lava rock. Inside, you’ll see how locals lived in the 19th century!

5. Enjoy Delicious Shave Ice

While visiting Maui, you simply can’t avoid tasting a piece of delicious shave ice. It is, after all, Hawaii’s favorite snack.

Supposedly, Japanese workers first brought the shave ice to Maui. But now, locals and tourists alike can be found eating these treats to help them cool down after a long day in the sun! 

Add some tasty pineapple for a truly Hawaiian taste. There are many places to try this treat but Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice is a particular favorite!

6. Attend a Luau

You simply can’t visit Maui without experiencing a luau. These traditional parties involve lots of food and entertainment. 

There is an option for everyone, no matter whether you want to experience fire-dancers or something a little more low key! 

Check out the best Maui luaus for every budget.

Visit the Best of Maui Again and Again

After you’ve spent some time in Maui, it’s likely you’ll be hooked on the wonderful culture. When you experience your first luau, you will simply want to enjoy another.

When you experience the best of Maui, this could be your new holiday destination!

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve heard people rave about shave ice, lol. I’d definitely try it. All of these sound like a great way to spend a day.

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