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Essential Home Improvements that Add Value to Your Home

As your single biggest investment, you always want your home to look and feel its best. That focus is even more important when it comes to the time to sell your property. Whether you’re in the process of phoning realtors or you’re simply wondering about what you can be doing to your home before selling it in a few years, there are some home improvements that you shouldn’t overlook. Choose the right projects for your home improvements such as replacing outdated windows and doors, and you can not only add some real curb appeal to your home but also have a dramatic effect on how much you can sell for. If you want to make the smartest home improvements for maximum house-selling value, here’s what you need to know.

Tackle Big Issues

If there are things about your house that frustrate you every day, make sure that you address these first. Look at any structural issues, as these can have a big effect on how much you’ll be able to sell your property for. This can be an expensive task, but when you factor in the potential price that you can sell at, that cost may be worth investing in. Look for:



*Wall cracks

*Rotten timbers

*Roof tile issues

Whether the problems are structural or cosmetic, you’ll be able to elevate your asking price if you start with the big problems.

Get the Heat Right

One of the best ways to add real value to your home is to upgrade your heating system. This is true of most properties but is especially useful for those older homes that lack central heating. If your current heating setup is less than efficient, start looking at your heating options, looking specifically at whether you should install a boiler, furnace, or heat pump system. The best thing about upgrading your heating system is that it will almost always add more value to a property than the cost of installation. Don’t forget however that it’s necessary to keep your system maintained to ensure that it runs for a long time and continues to serve as a worthwhile investment. You should check with professionals to ensure that your energy efficiency is fully maximized, and make sure to keep in mind that both AC and furnace tune ups are important to ensure there are no mishaps with your systems too.

Going for the Overhaul

Updating your essentials is going to be vital if you want to increase your chances of selling your home quickly. You should do these tasks long before you start making cosmetic changes to your home by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, these tasks can be disruptive, so you want to finish it as fast as you can. Look at:

*Electricity: If your home hasn’t been rewired for a while, then it might be costing you money. Check the age of your fuse box; this is often a good indication of the system age. Think about adding plug sockets in every room, as this can affect house prices more than you think.

*Plumbing: Old pipes are going to be costing you money, especially if they are prone to drips and leaks. Look at your existing plumbing and talk to a professional plumber about the benefits of a pressurized gravity system that can be much more energy-efficient than a gravity-fed system. It’s this type of attention to detail that will pay off when your realtor lists your home.

These are some effective ways to add value to any home. Take the time to fix existing issues and then upgrade your outdated energy, electrics, and pipework. You might be able to get a much higher asking price for your property than you thought, opening entirely new options when it comes to buying your next home. If you are doing all improvements by yourself be sure to have the right set of hand tools by your side.