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15 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Appearance

We’d all like to think that “looks don’t matter” and that it’s “what’s on the inside that counts,” but seriously? Grow up. While perhaps our appearance shouldn’t matter, clearly it does. 

This has been shown in multiple studies. For example, in 2015, one study done at the Metropolitan State University of Denver found that female students who were deemed “attractive” received better grades than their less attractive classmates. 

Whether we like it or not, the world is a shallow place. Considering that we all want to be attractive, it makes sense. We all want people to look at us and think, “Wow. They’re so good-looking!” 


Unfortunately, we don’t always feel attractive and to be frank, somedays we aren’t. Nobody can look amazing every single day. Luckily, there are all kinds of small things we can do to help ourselves look better quickly. Check out these 15 tips to improve your appearance. 

Fix Your Teeth

Let’s be honest, a person’s smile is one of the first things we notice. Therefore, it’s vital to keep your teeth healthy, straight, white, and shiny—especially if you want to improve your appearance. To receive full-service dental work, check out a professional such as mynulifedental; don’t forget to floss! 

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the perfect set of teeth. But no worries! Thanks to various cosmetic dental procedures or solutions like composite veneers, almost everyone can enjoy the blessings of a perfect smile. Veneers are one of the most common dental cosmetic options for people of all ages and can transform even the most problematic smile into one that lightens up any room. So, if your self-esteem has taken a massive blow because of the way your smile looks, a simple search for “composite veneers near me” should show you the dentistry and orthodontics who can assist you in your local area.

Hair Extensions 

Most of us ladies want long flowing locks, but this isn’t always a reality (especially when short hair was “in” just last year). Luckily, you can purchase a ponytail extension with real hair to get the look you desire. 

Get a New Outfit 

Buying a new outfit that better highlights your best features will immediately make you look better and feel more confident. 


Learn to Highlight Your Best Feature With Makeup 

Highlighting your best facial features and using it to your advantage is a quick way to help others view you as appealing. Actually, a 2011 study found that women who wore makeup were rated as more attractive, “likable,” trustworthy, and even more “competent” compared to women who did not. 

Wear Your Hair Differently 

Getting out of your “hair rut” and mixing things up a bit can make you feel like a new (sexier) person. If you normally wear it straight, get it curled. If you normally wear it up, wear it down. 

Skip Your Afternoon Sugar Rush

Last year, INSIDER interviewed multiple dermatologists who universally agreed that sugar is an “inflammatory food” that can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne or eczema. Some doctors even suggest that sugar has the potential to speed up the effects of aging if consumed in large quantities over time. Therefore, it might be best to opt-out of that mid-day latte and instead have a piece of fruit (a naturally occurring sugar that is great for your skin!). 


Eyelash Extensions 

Not a lot makes us feel sexier (and more gorgeous) than long luxurious lashes!  DIY lash extensions are probably the easiest and fastest way to look prettier. They’re definitely very durable, and since they’re so much cheaper than lash extensions, you don’t have to feel bad being a little harder on them. They’ll survive just fine with makeup, water, sleeping on your side, and all those things you’re not supposed to do with real lash extensions.

Braid Your Hair Before Bed

Been running late in the morning? Try washing your hair in the evening, adding an anti-frizz serum and mousse to the wet hair then braiding it. This can save you quite a bit of time in the mornings. Sleep with the braids in and take them out in the morning for overnight style! Bonus tip: “Piggy tail” braids will get you smaller curls, whereas one big braid will get you that “beachy” look. 

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Face

To stay blemish-free and radiant, it’s important to wash your face twice per day and to stop sleeping in your makeup. (I know, it’s hard.) And remember to begin with a clean face that has been properly moisturized. 

Find “Your Color” of Lipstick

SHAPE reported on a survey done by COVERGIRL in 2015 that found that lipstick color matters to how we are perceived by our peers. They found that red lipstick gave the impression of being creative, daring, active, and more likely to go out on weekends. Whereas pink lipstick was associated with being sociable, flirty, and in positions of power. Plum lipstick gave the impression of self-sufficiency, independence, being less outgoing, but more laid back. Nude lipstick gave the impression of being warm, caring, confident, and more natural.


Highlight Your Best Feature

If you’ve got great hair or great breasts—take advantage of that! 

Don’t Forget to Smile

It’s difficult to find someone who looks grumpy attractive. Don’t forget to light up that room, baby!


We all know that exercise is great for weight control, but according to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is also great for stress management and mood. Both of which can make us more attractive. Plus, there is some evidence to suggest that exercise can improve our skin. (Score!)

Don’t Slouch 

Good posture is more likely to give off the impression of confidence (plus, it’s way better for your back). 

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

While there is no direct evidence to suggest that water intake has anything to do with clear skin and the aging process; according to the Mayo Clinic, water intake is important to keep the skin hydrated. And, let’s be honest, no one feels sexy with dry skin.



  • Tamra Phelps

    If only candy bars and soda were good for skin, the World would be a happier place, lol. Oh, well, these are all good points.

  • Paula Pennachio

    I love it. Just some quick ideas you could use, thank you for the tips. I just turned 50 and I need all the help I can get

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