Design ideas for your home
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Design Ideas for your home

Moving into a new home can be a great joy as well as a time for decision making especially when it comes to decorating. How can you balance your style with what looks best in your space? If you can nail it, then you will have a happy, comfortable home. Do it poorly, and you may end up with a confusing mishmash of fabrics and paint colors. Following a few of these tips can make sure that you succeed in decorating your home in a style that suits your space and your sense of style.  

Avoid the furniture store

The same advice for not shopping while hungry goes the same for buying furniture when you need it. It may cause you to panic-buy without considering your long-term goals. You may need certain pieces of furniture but that is no reason to buy them immediately. You don’t need a piece of furniture that is too big or doesn’t suit the room. You should start in the room you are looking to furnish armed with a measuring tape and a design pad. This can help you create a true picture of the room you are looking to design. 

Pick Bespoke pieces

One way to ensure that your room doesn’t end up too cluttered or a mixture of various furniture styles is to pick a few certain bespoke pieces to build your room around. These pieces can be either your sofa or your coffee table. One trend that has begun to take hold more recently is using hard, solid wood for tabletops. This style has taken over café tables Melbourne across the nation and can make a humble and yet friendly environment in your home. This kind of planning will ensure you get the right pieces for your style. 


Matching the scale of the furniture to your room is critical when decorating your home. A huge, deep sectional sofa can overpower a small room while small chairs can get lost in a wide-open space. You should measure the length and width of each room you intend to decorate as well as the ceiling height so that you can get a full idea of the space. As well as this you should measure window openings to see how much light will end up in your room. One of the most obvious things to do but is often missed is to measure the doors so that you can make sure any furniture you want to bring in, fits in the room. 

Making a statement

One thing that can actually ruin a room or your decoration is by playing it too conservative. You can make a statement without the room becoming too overpowering for any visitors. You can use each room to talk about your personality and design taste. Also, each room can be a blank canvas. They should all be connected in some way but that shouldn’t mean that you mute your style in any way. 

Designing your home

Starting to design your home can be an exciting time as well as a scary time. However, at the end of the day, as long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter how you design your room. All you can do is try to make the most of the space you have. 

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  • Edna Williams

    Moving can make a great opportunity to let creative juices flow! I am loving your suggestions right now! Thanks for sharing!