Cool styles for your living room
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5 Cool Styles For Your Living Room

As soon as you enter into a house, it’s the view of the living room that will first welcome you. Your living room is like the centerpiece of your home. That’s where you receive your guests or gather with your family and spend some quality time. That’s also where private home events are held. Thus, it’s dubbed as the entertainment area of the house.  

With that said, your living room must portray your preferred style and personality. In fact, most homeowners start creating the theme of their house from the living room before working their way in and upstairs. Homeowners pay much more attention to styling their living room because that’s where first impressions are made. Your living room will indicate what your home style is like.  

Besides planning your preferred styles for your living room, don’t forget to consider its functionality and comfortability. After all, that’s where you spend most of your time with your family, so it has to be comfortable for everyone. Moreover, your living room style must match well with the kind of lifestyle you have. You will also want to ensure that your home smells as wonderful as it looks and you can achieve this with different fragrance varieties of coconut wax candles. Candles add warmth and ambiance to any space that you add them to and they will for sure ensure that your living room is warm and inviting to anyone that stops by for a visit… plus it will smell amazing too!

Now you’re aware of the two factors that you must consider in choosing your living room style. It’s time to read on below for the five cool styles you may want to apply to your living room:


This style is probably the most common living room style you see from many homes, and it’s still cool and classic. Contemporary style is not the same as a modern style, like some of you may be thinking. The designs for this style are created depending on what’s in the present, which means this style will undergo changes with the latest trend. Overall, contemporary style is a mixture of both modern and traditional styles as most of its design pieces are borrowed from the other two.  

Today, the contemporary style includes a mixture of various patterns and colours in your living room. You can either incorporate it into your lamps, furniture, upholstery, or window blinds. For instance, if you want to experiment with patterned designs for your window blinds, you can check some of the bold designs from different designers like Orla Kiely Designs and see which ones would fit into your interior. 

The point of incorporating artwork and patterns into your furniture is to keep your living room accented and sophisticated without adding additional furniture that could potentially cause clutter. Also, make sure not to overdo it, as too many different colors can look daunting and disorienting to the eyes.

2) Minimalist

From the name itself, this style is all about keeping it minimal. This minimalistic style is best for homeowners with modern houses and are looking for a design that would easily look organised even with minimum maintenance. The goal of this style is to keep as little furniture as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that your living room is left barren with almost nothing. 

The concept is to use bits of furniture and artworks that are not too flashy. Instead, they’ll all blend together to create a quiet yet appealing look. The most common hues used for this style are black, grey, white, or neutral colours. To make it even more interesting, you can use hints of decorations like plain glass objects or uniquely shaped furniture.

3) Retro

This style is best for homeowners who want to dive into an exciting and cool theme from the 90s era. This could be a bold move if you decide to try this one because you don’t see many houses with this style. Oftentimes, retro is associated with rock and roll, but don’t worry, you don’t really have to incorporate punk designs or rock and roll symbols in your living room just to achieve this one. 

This is all about playing with colours and prints. For retro, pop, neon, and bold colorus are often used, and then paired with checkered patterns and shiny pieces of decorations. Your wallpapers will play a huge role in achieving this look. You can use plain bold colours or go with mint blue and green candy stripes. Aside from wallpaper, you must also characterise it with photos inspired from movies from the 90s or coloured lamps and flower vases for the finishing touches.

4) Modern

As mentioned earlier, contemporary and modern style are not the same. To clear things up, the modern style started in the 19th century, and it’s known for its simple yet profound decorations. This style will always be this way. Meanwhile, contemporary style is an ever-changing design, which means its style will keep changing over time, and its designs are often borrowed from other styles. 

Despite having started centuries ago, the modern style will always look cool for your living room. This style may be quite similar to the minimalist somehow as it also has a simple and uncluttered appearance. Some of the most common elements you see in a modernly styled living room include oversize tiles, clean straight lines, bold accent colour, wall bookcases, and open floor plans with very few walls. You may also notice that there’s only little to no vases, throw pillows, or rugs, that are displayed in the living room.

5) Rustic

When it comes to the rustic style, the colors used are those you see around nature, such as green, brown, beige, or nude. When these are put together, they emit a raw and organic look. One of the most notable features when styling your living room this way is wooden furniture. It’s an effortless way to put together a rustic living room. 

Some homeowners tend to use stone walls or bricks for the walls to make it look more country. As for the decorations, you can go for cotton or linen upholstery, plant or animal prints, big indoor plants, rocks, and other animal-inspired decors. Don’t forget to add a little fireplace as a finishing touch up.  

Channel Your Inner Interior Designer

This list is just some of the most prominent cool styles that most homeowners use for their homes. There are still plenty of styles out there that you can discover, which will only make it more fun! You may even create your own stylish yet functional living room. Whichever style you may want to utilise for your living room, just make sure that it’s suitable for the personality and lifestyle you have and the comfortability it offers.

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