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Time To Get Ready For Halloween?

Some of us are just crazy for Halloween. And even during the rest of the year, we’re planning ways to feel more festive. So whether you’re thinking about what candy to buy for you and your friends or perhaps thinking of buying teacher halloween shirts to take into school, here are some fun ideas that will help you get the party started. 

Luminous ghosts

Light up your porch or outdoor stairs with these little glowing ghosts. To make them, you will need a few empty milk or water cans with the labels carefully removed. Then, with a permanent pencil, draw terrifying faces on each of the bottles. Using scissors, cut an apple-sized hole under each of your containers. Sit your little ghosts on different clusters of lights for extra spookiness!

The Wicked Witch of the West

In the space of a few weeks, the Wicked Witch of the West will leave the land of Oz to settle in your garden. To complete this project, you will need an old pair of high heeled shoes, a pair of tights, newspaper, and white glue. First, brush the pumps with white glue and sprinkle them generously with red glitter (and gold if you want!). Leave to dry. Next, fill the sticky stockings with crumpled newspaper. Put on the pair of shoes with false legs and voila, you just have to lay the witch somewhere in your garden!

The ghost round

When the autumn winds begin, the scary ghost in the back garden will feel super real, that’s for sure. To create it, you will need 1 Styrofoam ball, 1 metal rod 3 feet high and 1 white sheet. First, you need to get the ball deep into the rod and make sure it is secure. Place the sheet over the “head” of the ghost. Using a fishing line, tie the fabric around its neck. Arrange the ghosts in a circle in the garden. To enhance the image of the dance, you can tie the sides of the sheets together and add fairy lights for added coolness!

Bats, guardians of the front door

No house at Halloween is complete unless you have a swarm of bats hanging around, right? These are super easy to make. On black card, draw bats of different sizes and cut them out. Then stick them on your front door using a blue sticker. Place only the belly of the critters against the door and slightly bend the wings upwards, so as to create a 3D effect.

Pumpkins in the pond

Maybe you have a water feature or a swimming pool? Do you want people to be spooked out by your backyard? If so, we suggest you install light-up pumpkins that will float on the still waters. To make this decoration, you need a few plastic pumpkins, like the ones used to collect candy. Then, at the bottom of each pumpkin, install an LED tea candle. Place the pumpkins on your body of water and voila, the Halloween atmosphere will be there.

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