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Decode 100% Of Your DNA with a Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test From Nebula Genomics

I am excited to share that I am going to test my DNA! That’s right, I am awaiting my test kit as I have been curious to try one as I know very little about my family history beyond my grandparents and great grandparents and I really want to learn more about where my family and I came from. Not only will this test from Nebula Genomics will tell me all about my family ancestry but it will provide me with so much more! Nebula Genomics provides Whole Genome Sequencing… which makes it the ONLY Genetic Test that decodes 100% of your DNA. It is the most accurate DNA test in the world as it examines your ancestry, health, diet, and physical activity. Nebula Genomics offers three different types of tests…. choose from the Basic Whole Genome Sequencing Test, the Deep Whole Genome Sequencing or the Ultra Deep test. I chose to do the Deep Whole Genome Sequencing Test and will be reviewing the results once I get them but want to explain why I am excited about this testing service from Nebula Genomics.

Nebula Genomics

First I have to start by saying that I know very little about my ancestry so this type of thing is very interesting to me. I want to learn more about earlier generations in my family tree and have wanted too for quite sometime, so something like this is very interesting to me. It’s no secret that knowledge is key and the knowledge that this testing can provide can be life changing in a good way. The Deep Whole Genome Sequencing Test is the best choice for me  as it will give deep insight into my ancestry and will allow me to learn about common as well as rare traits and conditions.

Nebula Genomics

Now I want to share a bit about the founder of Nebula Genomics and how it all started. George Church is the founder and visionary behind Nebula Genomics and his contributions to the development of DNA Sequencing technology have enabled personal genomics. He is a professor at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His pioneering work has contributed to the development of DNA sequencing and genome engineering technologies for which he received multiple awards including the 2011 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science from the Franklin Institute and election to the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering.

Nebula Genomics DNA test kit

How does Nebula Genomics compare to other DNA Tests?

Now you may be wondering… why Nebula Genomics DNA testing versus other brands? Well it all starts with the fact that they offer the most complete DNA test, the most comprehensive reports and the most advanced technology to protect your privacy which for me is everything. It starts with the fact that a Nebula Genomics test decodes 100% of DNA providing you with the most complete DNA testing enabled by Whole Genome Sequencing. Other DNA tests decode less than .02% of your DNA! Secondly… it is all about the fact that they provide Privacy First DNA Testing which is access technology that enables you to have full ownership and control over your genomic data. Other companies sell their customer genomic data…. but the important differences do not stop there…..

*There Are New Reports Every Week.
Every week receive new reports that are based on the latest scientific discoveries. Other companies rarely update and send out new reports.
*Genome Exploration Tools.
You receive tools for browsing your data, searching for genetic variants, and analyzing genes. Other DNA testing companies provide no dynamic data exploration.
*Deep Genetic Ancestry.
Discover your maternal and paternal ancestry with full mtDNA and Y-DNA sequencing. Other DNA tests provide incomplete ancestry reports.
*Genomic Big Data Access.
All your genomic big data is available for download (FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files). Other DNA tests provide no data or only sparse data is available.
*Ready for Diagnostics.
Bring your data to your physician or genetic counselor for a clinical interpretation. Other DNA tests provide data that is unusable for diagnostic purposes.
Nebula Genomics
Now that we have discussed what makes Nebula Genomics the best DNA test available …. let’s discuss the Whole Genome Sequencing Options Available at Nebula Genomics. There is a test for every budget via their Basic, Deep & Ultra Deep tests as I discussed above and each provide a vast wealth of knowledge about you and your genetic makeup. I am focusing on the Deep Whole Genome Sequencing Test as that is what I will be taking and I am excited about it  because not only will it tell me all about my family ancestry…. but rather this test is going to decode 100%  of my DNA and will generate over 100 gigabytes of DNA data. This test provides high accuracy and Deep ancestry reports based on Y chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA which I think is pretty cool. It will decode all 20,000 genes, identify rare genetic mutations as well as common genetic mutations, provide me with an oral microbiome report, all while providing me access to genome exploration tools. I also love that they send out new DNA reports each week and you can rest assured that your info is safe as they use privacy-preserving technologies to protect your genetic information which is something that I love as my privacy is everything to me and they provide me full ownership and control over my genomic data. No other DNA testing company provides its users with that privacy and control over their data and this to me is what sets Nebula Genomics apart from all other DNA testing companies.
Nebula Genomics

Why Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test?

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) decodes all 6.4 billion DNA base pairs in the human genome including the complete set of ll 20,000 genes, mitochondrial DNA, and the Y chromosome. It is really quite miraculous that you can do this test at home and at an affordable price as the sequencing of the first human genome cost over $3 Billion Dollars, but now with Nebula Genomics the price is under $300. I find all of this so fascinating as personal genome sequencing enables the discovery of all genetic variation in each and every individual gene and it produces the most comprehensive and accurate genetic test results.

Nebula Genomics

So what do you think of Nebula Genomics and their Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test? Are you like myself and looking to learn about your family ancestry? Look no further than Nebula Genomics as they will discover your family ancestry and so much more! Their Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test will examine your ancestry, health, diet, and physical activity plus you can rest assured that your DNA information is safe as Nebula Genomics is the leader in privacy-focused personal genomics services. They have made it their mission to provide you the best in DNA testing and to make direct-to-consumer DNA testing secure. They allow you to take irrevocable ownership of your Whole Genome Sequencing Data as well as control to who can actually access that data and for what purpose it is used. This amazing testing service PLUS that added privacy and control given to me is why Nebula Genomics is the only testing service I will use. Make sure to check them out online and visit them on social media too plus I will be back to update once I get my initial results so stay tuned!


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