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Fulfill Your Caffeine Addiction with these Coffee Alternatives

About 1 billion people around the world consume coffee daily. It helps them make their way through the day and stay focused. The figures indicate coffee more as an addiction than a power booster; these large numbers can be altered by changing your caffeine addiction preferences.

Yes! You can get the kick-start effect even without having coffee. This article will discuss some very similar caffeine boosts other than coffee, so don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Caffeine’s effect on the body

Caffeine is consumed all around the world; WHY? The answers lie within the effect of Caffeine on our body which is quite beneficial in certain circumstances. When entered into our body, Caffeine gives a stimulating shock to our Nervous System to enhance its ability and performance. It works as a catalytic agent to provide an ALERT effect in our brain, which channelizes our neurons to work efficiently in a more awakening manner.

Why you need Caffeine?

Although caffeine has no nutritional requirement in our body, yet it is consumed in very high numbers. It’s all because of the push start effect of it on our body. People usually have a cup of coffee to keep themselves awake or energized. Is it required daily? We don’t think so! 

Today’s world has made man more competitive than ever; a modern person requires promptness and efficiency to grasp the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY AT THE RIGHT TIME! 

The modern world’s ultimate reality is BEING alerted because the world is changing in a split second. To survive in this harsh world, you have to get ahead in the race of SUCCESS. For that, you need to be active. To get that feeling, people use Caffeine as an energy-booster. 

Alternatives of Coffee:

To have that fantastic refreshed feel, you can use the following Coffee alternatives as to the source of Caffeine:

1) Tea

The most consumed caffeine drink is tea! A globally stated fact that tea is swilled most in the WORLD after water. But comparatively, tea is not as enriched in Caffeine as Coffee, but it works as the best alternative. Tea helps you give the same refreshed feeling as if coffee but with a different essence of exceptional touch of the world’s heritage.

You can consume green tea too. The good news is it has 0 calories. 

2) Caffeinated Soft Drinks

Although such drinks don’t sound best as a first drink to start your day, indeed an excellent way to recharge yourself in the mid-day stress, the fizzy effect with the caffeine push can surely help you get back on track with a new level of energy and vigilance.

3) Hot Chocolate

The perfect morning starts with some nostalgic emotions and the same spur required for your beginning. Hot Chocolate is also a good source of Caffeine with some healthy combination of milk to energize and rev you up mutually for outperforming.

4) Dark Chocolate

A compact way to take you through the day! Surprising, but yes! Chocolate helps you kick-off to new levels of energy to ace out your day with huge success. So why not keep a power pack in the pocket for your long tiring day.

5) Mud\Wtr 

So, we found a new coffee alternative recently, and it’s called MUD WTR. It is one of the best coffee alternatives for those who are hooked to Caffeine. 

It does not have any added sugar, but the cinnamon gives you a hint of it. The goodness of masala chai, cacao, Chaga, and cordyceps makes it a great blend. 

A cup of this contains 20 calories only. 

Benefits of Using Alternatives

It is the world of innovation and moving on; the one who stops is left behind. So, keep moving and stay energetic. Try the options if you want to skip your cup of coffee today. Let’s give it a try and say NO to Coffee. We hope this helps you alternate your coffee routine with something new!

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