Head-On on the Highway
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Head-On on the Highway? You May Be Able to Recover Damages

An estimated 5.25 million accidents occur across the United States every year, which averages out to about one accident every sixty seconds. Out of those millions of accidents, around 2.35 million Americans are injured or left permanently disabled. Accidents that occur on the highway have a larger chance of being serious as faster speeds can lead to a higher chance of damage and medical costs.

Why Do Highway Accidents Cause So Much Damage?

The National Traffic Highway Administration has ranked speeding as the one number reason for fatal crashes, over alcohol-related accidents. Over the years, some states have raised the speed limits on major highways and this trend seems to have given rise to a growing rate of accidents. This is because the faster that a vehicle is traveling, the higher the risk of structural damage to the car and the driver. An accident on the highway is more likely to leave a driver facing expenses for both medical treatment and repairs to his or her property. If one or more of the drivers does not have insurance, they may want to contact an auto accident attorney to help recover damages from the accident.

Why High Speeds Are So Dangerous

Driving on the highway takes more attention from a driver as he or she has more to remain aware of in order to stay safe. Some of the factors a driver needs to take into consideration when he or she drives on the highway include:

·   Staying aware of the conditions of the road he or she is traveling on at all times

·   Remaining mentally alert at all times to make sure the driver stays in his or her own lane or can observe possible lane obstructions. This means preventing behaviors that contribute to distracted driving.

·   Making the proper distance gauges and speed reductions for turns and curves

·   Reducing his or her driving speed when the driving conditions are serious enough to warrant such behavior

If the driver is not paying attention to any one of these constantly adapting conditions, it could cause a driver traveling at high speeds to lose control. If a driver questions who is at fault following an accident, a car crash lawyer can help him or her answer the question of liability.

How to Stay Safe on the Highway

There are millions of drivers on the road each year, providing far too many opportunities for a wreck. Though drivers may feel safe in their private vehicles, it’s important to remember that many external factors contribute to accidents. Each driver needs to do his or her part to stay vigilant because after a crash occurs is too late. Accidents may be avoided by driving without being fatigued or impaired. This allows the driver to not make errors in judgment for maintaining or decreasing speed in the appropriate places. Mobile devices can be another large distraction as they can cause a driver to take his or her eyes away from the road, and on the highway driving conditions can change quickly. If conditions do change because of an outside factor, such as a deer or another car, the driver should try to not over-correct as swerving can cause a crash.