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Ways You Can Support Your Spouse Going Through Fertility Treatments

Going through fertility treatments is an emotional process for both the man and woman involved. As a husband, it can be difficult to really know how to help your wife who is going through so much, you may even feel helpless at times as your wife is the one who has to endure so many procedures and medications. It may seem like there is nothing you can do, but there are actually so many things you can do to support her during this difficult time.

Learn about the process

Learn about what she is going to have to go through procedure wise. She will receive a calendar of when to take certain medications and when she will have different procedures or appointments. Make sure you understand which procedure comes next and help talk to her about the process. Just being able to talk about what will be coming up next will help to ease her anxieties. 

Be involved with appointments

When all possible, attend as many appointments as you possibly can. Drive her to her fertility clinic in Idaho Falls and be in the room during her appointments to meet with her doctors and listen to what they say at each appointment. Her head may be spinning at times and if there are two of you to hear what he has to say, you will be able to help her remember all of the information so that she does not have to take it all in at once by herself. Just you being present will also help her to be more calm. 

Be Open to Talk

Be open emotionally to talk about the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions as it is an emotional process for you both. Not everything will go to plan and you will definitely experience bumps along the way. There may be times when you receive bad news and sometimes that is just unbearable to handle. Make sure that you are there to talk to her and let her know that this journey is hard, but you are there for her and that you will make it through together. Many people going through infertility suffer silently without telling others because of how difficult it is to talk about. You may be the only person that she has to talk to about it, so be open to talking as often as she needs, even if it is constant. This journey will not last forever. 

Help keep track of shots and medications

If your wife is doing IVF treatment, she will have to take a lot of different medications. There may be days when she needs to take 5 or more a day. Help her out by keeping track of what she needs to take each day, so that she does not accidentally take the wrong ones. Whenever possible, administer the shots for her and learn how to do it. Injecting yourself can be difficult, so having someone doing it for you can help ease a lot of anxiety. 

Do acts of service

Since this journey can be so emotionally exhausting, help your wife out by doing acts of service for her. Do not worry if the tasks she used to do, do not get done. Help her by picking up the bedroom, making the bed, and making dinner. When you are emotionally exhausted, doing these simple tasks can seem monumental, and taking some things off her hands will lighten her burdens. 

Help her stay physically active

Being active will help to activate endorphins. If your wife is taking lots of medications, probably the last thing she will want to do is work out, but simply asking her if she wants to take a walk with you is a great way to sneak in some exercise. Encourage her and even join her in exercising. It will help to distract her from any emotions she may be feeling. 

Let her know that counseling is okay 

Sometimes seeking help from a professional is needed. Let your wife know that if she is really struggling, that seeking counseling for what she is going through is okay. This is a difficult situation for you both. If she seems reluctant, tell her you will drive her there or even go in with her and do some sessions together. Hopefully this difficult process will help draw you closer as a couple.