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CASK & KETTLE ~ Hard Coffee & Cider Cocktails From Your Keurig


With Father’s Day right around the corner… I have been on the hunt for the perfect gifts for my amazing man as not only is he the most amazing partner and best friend that a girl could ask for but he is also the most amazing dad to his kids. For these reasons we are going to make sure to provide him with the most perfect of days and that will involve a family fishing trip during the day if the weather holds up and of course a relaxing and fabulous evening on the deck that evening. We just bought a new house and we have a chiminea on the deck and he loves to get a nice fire going in there so that we can hang out and just enjoy the beautiful outdoors as we are in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Once he gets that fire roaring… I am going to surprise him with a delicious hard coffee cocktail from CASK & KETTLE and I cannot wait to see what he thinks as I have tried them and they are delicious!


CASK & KETTLE provides you with hard coffee and cider… straight from your Keurig. CASK & KETTLE is an easy, convenient and delicious way for anyone to prepare and serve a complete, well crafted hot cocktail. You simply pop one of the CASK & KETTLE single serve cups into your brewer and brew as you normally do your coffee K-Cups. What you end up with is a smooth, aromatic hot cocktail that is ready in seconds. Each of these cocktails contains approximately 1 ounce of high-quality distilled spirits, coffee, tea and robust flavors and each pack of Cask & Kettle contains 5 complete cocktails and there are 5 different varieties of CASK & KETTLE Hard Coffee & Cider Cocktails to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the different varieties of CASK & KETTLE:

CASK & KETTLE Irish Coffee

CASK & KETTLE Irish Coffee

The CASK & KETTLE Irish Coffee Cocktail is your favorite classic whiskey cocktail prepared with a modern twist. The description is coffee with the aroma of Smokey whiskey mixed with the welcoming allure of dark roasted beans and buttery caramel. This is the perfect balance of Irish Whiskey and robust flavor with a mild sweetness. This cocktail from CASK & KETTLE contains 38% ALC/VOL (per pod) and it is 76 Proof.

CASK & KETTLE Spiked Dry Cider

CASK & KETTLE Spiked Dry Cider

CASK & KETTLE’s Spiked Dry Cider is yummy and it is a crisp Michigan Apple Cider Cocktail with a bold, spirit-forward finish. This cocktail has a beautiful amber color with an enticing aroma of cinnamon, green apple, and warm alcohol. Michigan apple cider provides a perfect crispness to this smooth, warm beverage. The flavor profile is a fresh upfront apple flavor that is followed by a hint of vodka and cinnamon. This yummy cocktail from CASK & KETTLE contains 25% ALC/VOL (per pod) and it is 50 Proof.

CASK & KETTLE Mint Patty Coffee 

CASK & KETTLE Mint Patty Coffee

This CASK & KETTLE Hard Cocktail is my favorite for sure. CASK & KETTLE’s Mint Patty Coffee is a delicious mint coffee treat with a bit of chocolate to make it extra decadent with just enough vodka to keep you warm. It provides a bright, crisp taste of vodka and mint blended into a dark roast coffee with a touch of dark chocolate . This one contains 37% ALC/VOL (per pod) and it is 75 Proof.

CASK & KETTLE Mexican Coffee

CASK & KETTLE Mexican Coffee

CASK & KETTLE‘S Mexican Coffee is another delicious hot cocktail that you will surely enjoy. This one is tequila, vodka and coffee with natural flavors blended in. It provides an aromatic bouquet and nuanced combination of flavors to please the most sophisticated of palates. The smooth mouthfeel and light agave flavor of silver tequila combined with darker notes of roasted coffee and a whisper of Mexican chocolate to finish it off. This one contains 30% ALC/VOL (per pod) and it is 60 Proof.

CASK & KETTLE Hot Blonde Coffee 

CASK &KETTLE Hot Blonde Coffee

OK… so maybe CASK & KETTLE’s Hot Blonde Coffee is my fave. This is vodka, coffee and vanilla with natural flavors and it is everything! This provides a beautiful sable color, decadent aroma and notes of malty vanilla swirling through a blend of roasted coffee and full-bodied, crisp vodka. This cocktail contains 37% ALC/VOL (per pod) and it is 74 Proof.

These all look amazingly delicious and the perfect way to end the night OR start up the evening! I had to share this yummy recipe from CASK & KETTLE as I will be whipping up this recipe for The Nutty Irishman on Father’s Day!

The Nutty Irishman Hard Coffee Cocktail

This is a boozy, easy to make and delicious recipe that anyone will love…. Especially Dad!


*1 CASK & KETTLE Irish Coffee Brewed On The Smallest Cup Size Setting (Or you can make this an iced recipe too)

*1 Oz. Frangelico Hazelnut Liquer

*1 Oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

*Whipped Cream


Brew 1 K-Pod of CASK & KETTLE Irish Coffee on the smallest setting. Add 2 TBSPS of Frangelico Hazelnut Liquer. Mix in 2 TBSPS of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Stir gently and top with whipped cream.


So what do you think of CASK & KETTLE and their delicious line of Hard Coffee & Cider Cocktails? Are these not the perfect gift idea for Dad for Father’s Day this year? Think about it… you can whip up a custom cocktail for Dad using these delicious pods and I can tell you they are super yummy and they have some serious kick for sure. Check out CASK & KETTLE online today and check them out on social media too. CASK & KETTLE is a rapidly growing brand with distribution across many US states with more to come. Their drinks are available in the spirits aisle at select grocery stores as well as many independent liquor stores. Find locations near you here.


Purchase From CASK & KETTLE & Have Them Shipped Straight To Your Door!



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