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Make Select 5 Your Next Family Game For Family Game Night! #Select5

There is nothing that my family and I love more than a good family game night as it provides hours of fun for me and my family and it is also amazing bonding time which is priceless. I am always looking for new games to add to our family game night selection which is why I jumped at the chance to give the Select 5 Card Game a try. I have to tell you… Select 5 is the new game that everyone needs to add to their family game night collection as it is a lightening fast card game for everyone including kids and adults that is made in the USA. This game is made for 8 years and up and it is amazingly easy to learn to play…. which I love. The best part…. it takes just 10 minutes or less per round which means everyone will get lots of game play and it will keep everyone on their toes the entire time.

Select 5

Select 5 is a fast paced game that is easy to learn. It is also perfect for the Summer as it increases focus and hand-eye coordination and you are actually playing together…creating memories that last a lifetime versus playing on this video games all alone. The end result is fun for the whole family and the benefits are huge as it builds so many skills….. think communication, decision making, problem solving and creative thinking skills!

Select 5

Select 5

How To Play:

The way Select 5 works is that it is a race to get the most streaks in each game. You can play with 2 to 4 players and each player gets 10 cards, face up in front of them. The rest of the deck goes face down in the center of the table and it is now the Draw Pile. The aim of the game is to get as many streaks as you can.

*A streak is a set of 5 cards of the same color, numbered consecutively.

*All players use their open play cards to complete streaks and if you have 2 or more consecutive cards in the same color, you can start a streak.

*You can have up to 3 open streaks at a time and always make sure you have 10 cards in your open play area…so if you just took out 4 cards for a streak… replace those 4 cards using the draw pile so you always have 10 cards in your open play area.

*NOW this is when things get fun……. when you have 4 cards in a single streak… you can take the needed card from your opposing player’s open streaks to complete that streak BUT only when you have 4 out of 5 of that cards needed for the streak.

*The game play goes on until there are no cards left and the person with the most streaks at the end wins!

*If at anytime in the game… you are not happy with your 10 card open game play… you can trade them for 10 news one within the draw pile… you can also do this with open streaks at any time as well.

Select 5

Each Select 5 Card game comes with everything you need for fun game time…..the Select 5 card game includes one Select 5 deck, one expansion deck and easy to follow instructions. I also have to stress that I love that the game is made in the USA meaning  it provides the quality you expect and deserve.

Select 5

So what do you think of this super fun game?! Select 5 is perfect for kids 8 and up and you are never too old to join in on the fun! Grab a Select 5 Card Game today and let Family Game Night begin!

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