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3 Fun Facts about the Hemp Plant

The hemp plant has always been in demand, and illegal. However, times have changed, and some places have had hemp legalized. Let’s learn a few things about it. When we talk about marijuana, hallucinations and addictions ring a bell. It is, nevertheless, very important to note the merits of the wonder plant. Below are the fun facts and importance of the hemp.

It’s a Superfood

This means that it not only has a lot of nutritional benefits but also, it has some phytochemicals that give proper support to the endocannabinoid system and the immune system hence the reason why it prevents diseases such as inflammation and other infections. It also has antioxidants that help with the repair of cellular tissues. It also adds proteins to the body which are essential in boosting one’s immunity. Hemp is also rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, vitamin E, and much more.

Our Forefathers were Hemp Farmers

What if I told you that George Washington was a hemp farmer would you believe me? Yes, the first American president had a hemp plantation and he encouraged everyone around him to embrace growing it. Thomas Jefferson was also a known hemp farmer. He grew various hemp plants and even acquired a machine that sorted the stalks from the seeds. He later championed the creation of a brake that sorted out fibers from stalks in a better way.

Benjamin Franklin was also an owner of a paper millfactory that turned the hemp plant into writing materials. In America, hemp gained popularity and was even considered an important part of the economy. The declaration of independence document was rumored to have been written on the hemp. The fiber from hemp has always been considered to be the strongest and thus the reason why rumor has it that the American flag is also made from the fiber extracted from hemp.

It Is One of the Best Beauty Regimens

Hemp has nutrients such as fatty acids which areuseful in making your skin glow. If you are having skin breakages then you should look for cosmetic products that contain hemp compounds. If you want to keep your skin moisturized and protected from various toxins that exist in the environment then it is best to consider hemp cosmetic products. Furthermore,it prevents inflammations on the skin which may cause acne. Therefore, if you are having skin issues and it’s costing you your self-esteem then it’s high time you gethemp cosmetic products.


Hemp is one of the most useful weeds on earth. Talk of a wide range of benefits from health to basic nutrition. Looking through history hemp was considered an important of the economy in some states. Today, despite being illegal in some states it is still being used for medication and other purposes such as manufacturing of papers. It is also being used in place of chemicals such as gasoline and plastic which are harmful to the environment.


  • Lauryn R

    Hemp is absolutely amazing! It has so many uses and benefits, thank you so much for putting light to it. A lot of people do not know these things about it. I take hemp oil once a day and it helps do much with my Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation and pain. It also helps me sleep better.

  • megan allen

    Thank you for sharing this information! I feel like if more people would educate themselves..they would be more open to certain things! Hemp is great in my book!

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