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Summer Money Saving Tips 

Summer is just around the corner, in only a few weeks the Sun will be shining, the weather will be warm and we’ll all be breaking a sweat by lunchtime! The prospect of long days with amazing weather is an exciting one to say the least, whether you’ll be spending your Summer on a sandy beach, grilling in your garden or having picnics in a flowery field, it’s hard to not get excited by Summer. 

One thing though, that may put a dent in your enthusiasm is the prospect of parting with your hard earned cash, no matter how nice the weather is, it’s still painful to spend more money than you have to. Whether you’re at home or on the go, opportunities to spend more money than necessary are everywhere you look, so read on and get some tips on how you can avoid wasting money this Summer! 

At Home: Save Electricity By Avoiding Cooling Fans 

In Summertime, our gas bills go down as we don’t need to have the heating on, but your electricity bills may go up as you rely on fans and air conditioning to keep cool at home. While keeping cool in the warmer months should be a priority, there are things you can do to keep cool before turning on your tower fan! 

One of the simplest ways to keep your home cool in the Summer according to DotcomBlinds is to simply keep your home’s blinds and curtains shut, so that they don’t let heat freely enter your home, this should put you on a start to keeping cool. Other things you can do, rather than using your cooling fans would be to keep hydrated, wear season-appropriate attire and having a short cool shower when you need to cool off. 

On The Go: Cut Outing Costs With A Packed Lunch 

If you’re at a popular Summer destination like zoos, parks and beaches, you’ll find that eating out will cost you a lot more than it usually does. This is because businesses often have a ‘captive market’ at these attractions and can charge whatever they want, knowing your other options are limited. 

So, you can save yourself a pretty penny, by preparing a packed meal for your outings, rather than leaving yourself at the mercy of greedy food vendors. This rings even more true, if you’re going out with a group of friends or family, the price per head when eating out may be more than the cost to put together a picnic, so by bringing your own food and drink to outings you can cut unnecessary spending. 

At Home: Host Parties, Rather Than Going To Events 

The Summertime is excellent for get-togethers, with nice weather out, you and all your friends can hang out and enjoy each other’s company, but in the Summer you’ll find that these events can run up quite a large bill, which isn’t ideal if you have an active social life. 

Rather than meeting friends and family at events, restaurants and outings, you can save money by having the meet-up at home. If you have a garden, you already have a great space for hosting some guests, why would you travel to a location where you’ll have to spend money when you can have a party at your home for the cost of a few burgers on a BBQ? 

On The Go: Get Seasonal Items Before The Rush 

Finally, one of the biggest Summer costs (at least for parents) is getting overcharged for seasonal items. Buying a humble bucket and spade or beach ball when you’re at the beach can cost you an arm and a leg as they’re in demand and everyone at the beach will want one. 

You can save yourself from being overcharged by shady street vendors by preparing ahead of time. Looking on Amazon you can find most seasonal play items for very cheap prices, meaning that by stocking up on Summer seasonal items ahead of time you can save money, avoid being overcharged and always be prepared for a fun day out. 

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