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Benefits of Pursuing Veterinary Technician Areas of Specialization

Veterinary technicians conduct responsibilities similar to nurses and other professionals that perform for physicians in hospitals and they are trained to work with several species of animals. The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America recognizes 11 areas of specialization under veterinary technicians, which include emergency and critical care, equine nursing, dentistry, anaesthesia, behavior, clinical practice, nutrition, internal medicine, zoological medicine, surgery, and clinical pathology. At the best vet tech schools, one can find information on education as well as duties and responsibilities of veterinary technicians. In order to make a decision to undertake such an area as a career, it is important to explore the benefits of working as a veterinarian technician.

Benefits of specializing in a Veterinary Technician Area

With more people adopting pets into their homes, there is increasing demand for veterinary technicians making it one of the fastest growing careers in the industry. With added specialization in the 11 recognized areas by NAVTA, a veterinary technician is becoming one of the kost lucrative career choices. There are numerous benefits enjoyed by veterinary technicians.


Specialization enables a veterinary technician to explore in depth knowledge that empowers their skill set and confidence…. enabling them to work at a higher level without pursuing higher education such as a masters or doctorate. It also boosts job satisfaction especially since the veterinary technician is allowed to assist in demanding cases.


The average annual wage for veterinary technicians is at $30,290. The majority of fresh graduate veterinary technicians begin working at an average annual starting salary of $21,030. Most certified veterinary technicians in general veterinary earn $17.02 per hour, while those with a specialty certification earned an average of $21.34 per hour. This indicates that veterinary technicians with specialty certificates earn higher wages because of the knowledge, skills and experience that warrant a higher rate.


Demand is high for veterinary technicians with specialty certifications because such individuals show commitment to the profession and keen interest in further pursuing their education, attributes that are yearned by today’s employer. More opportunities for a specialist veterinary may enable them attaining other part-time duties outside of work or make them self-employed and take on consultative engagements rather than have salaried work.

Business Productivity

Specialization increases the overall productivity of the veterinary business allowing the veterinary to have time for more patients hence bringing in more revenue since they are handling more consultative specified ailments/ conditions. A specialty certified veterinary technician also helps the veterinarian by handling specific conditions freeing the veterinarian in order to attend to more patients.

Educating Clients

A Veterinary technician specialist not only treats and cares for the animal, but also provides quality content to the client, ensuring that the client is knowledgeable on the care for their pets after a routine check-up, treatment, or surgical procedure. They are able to explain procedures in detail and elaborately answer client questions. They give personalized attention that enhances the client’s perception of the business, making this a valuable part of the technician’s duties.


  • Katt Lewis

    I grew up as a kid wanting to be a vet. Now I see the techs in the office and still wish I had gone for it.

  • Tamra Phelps

    This sounds like a really nice career option for animal lovers. It would probably be a ‘never a dull moment’ kind of job.

  • Molli Vandehey-Taylor

    ive been giving some thought to going back to school and this really made me think about options.

  • Barbara

    Great article. My daughter is a vet tech and loves her job. She is also still continuing her education so she can work with marine animals. She did her internship at the local zoo.

    • mcushing7

      I would have loved that myself….. my daughter loves all animals and wants to be a Vet but still on the fence. Fingers Crossed. Good luck and congrats with your daughter 🙂

  • Rosie

    This would be a good vocation for someone to consider. It would be fun and fulfilling, and in demand, too.

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