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6 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

Your home should be a sanctuary, somewhere that is safe, where you can truly, fully relax. However, if your home is not made completely secure, there might be opportunities for thieves and burglars to enter, and once that happens, you will never be able to feel quite as happy or comfortable in your home again. This is why is it important to take some time and then spend a little money to ensure that your home is secure. Once you have thought about ‘What Are Burglars Looking For?‘ and done the work that is required to prevent such a problem, you can then go back to really enjoying the space in which you live. Here are some ways to stop burglars from even thinking about entering your home so that you are prepared.

Check The Doors

In many cases, burglars are able to simply walk through open doors. It could be that the doors locks aren’t secure in the first place, leaving homeowners needing a Locksmith service to make sure the locks are secure when the door is locked. Additionally, a lot of the time people may have left the doors unlocked because they feel their neighborhood is safe, or because they forgot, leaving the house in a hurry. It could be that the door is unlocked because a friend is expected home or a child is coming back from school. Unfortunately, although in the past it was possible to leave a door unlocked, today’s world is different, and it is important not only to close all doors but to lock them too, even if you are in the house.

To make doors even more secure, you can install a vivint doorbell camera, a deadbolt, or even upgrade to a smart lock which required a PIN entry rather than a key. Never leave keys in the lock on the inside of the door, as a burglar might be able to reach through the mail slot, or use a tool, and grab the keys, giving them access to your home and perhaps even your car too.

Secure The Windows

Just as doors are a common entry point for burglars, so too are windows. Again, whenever you leave the house or go to bed, make sure that the windows are not only all closed but also locked. If the locks on your windows look a little flimsy then upgrade them to something that will give you more protection; key operated levers are a good option, for example. You can also make the glass in your windows stronger by adding a layer of security film, or even install glass break sensors so that if anything does happen, you can be alerted straight away. Window bars are another option, but of course, they don’t look that attractive. Finally, why not plant bushes beneath the windows (ideally prickly one) to make it even more difficult for thieves to get near?


Installing some effective outdoor lighting will always be a good deterrent for would-be burglars. Make sure that your yard (front and back) is lit up when the night falls, and install motion sensor lights for when you want to turn off the main ones but still need to be protected. Imagine how quickly a burglar would run away if they found themselves literally in the spotlight all of a sudden. The later in the year it gets, the more you will need these lights to be in use, thanks in part to daylight saving time which can cause real problems around security as darkness gives thieves more opportunities. If you are against daylight saving time you can sign a petition run by this company to stop it. It might indeed help with reducing the number of burglaries that occur.

Remember Your Garage

Your garage could be another unsecured or vulnerable entry point into your home, but because you might not go into it every day, or even think about it much, it could be easily forgotten about when you come to secure your home properly. Even if thieves can’t get into your home through your garage, it’s probable that you will have a lot of tempting items stored in there, from gym equipment to fishing gear to tools and, of course, your vehicle.

If you have a garage door opener keep it in the house rather than the car which, if parked outside, could easily be broken into. If you are having problems with your garage door then make sure you contact a garage door repairs and installation company right away, as leaving it not working properly might mean that it doesn’t properly shut or lock. Add an extra padlock to the garage door, or a smart lock. Anything that makes it harder for a burglar to get in, and causes them to be outside where they could potentially be caught means that they are less likely to continue to try, and will look elsewhere instead.

Install An Alarm

One of the best ways to keep your home safe and secure is to install house alarm systems that will alert you and your neighbors (and possibly the police if it is set up to do so) that something has happened at your home. There is an alarm system to suit every budget, so don’t think that due to affordability you can’t secure your home – you might even be able to pay monthly, giving you complete peace of mind.

To choose the right system for you, budget is just one element to consider. You should also think about your neighborhood and how safe it is in general, and perhaps speak to your local police precinct to get an idea of what they would recommend.


You might think that installing the best CCTV system (closed-circuit television) on your home and outbuildings is too much, but it is actually one of the best things you can do. You can get some slim cameras that have a more aesthetic appeal or you can even use a trail cam! A lot of people don’t know how to hide a trail cam for home security but it’s pretty simple and very efficient. It’s a pretty good alternative if you choose not to have CCTV. To start with, a home with CCTV is much less likely to be targeted than one without; a burglar is not going to deliberately choose to break into a house where there is CCTV as they will more easily be identified. Instead they will usually bypass your home and try another instead. Secondly, if they do try something, you will have it all recorded, and be able to use it as evidence in court. You can also connect your CCTV system to your motion sensor lights and your alarm system, so that if you spot anyone trying to break in, your lights and alarm can go off and you can scare anyone away quickly and easily, whilst also alerting your neighbors to the fact that there is a burglar in the neighborhood. It’s worth talking to a professional about the best CCTV for you, your home and your budget added CCTV suppliers London.


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