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All You Need to Know About Business Travel Insurance

Traveling for business? What exactly is business travel insurance? Should you get one for your employee? Read more to know about business travel insurance. 

Traveling just in words too sound very interesting. Traveling has many benefits like enhancing language skills, coming across new people and culture. Traveling along with the pleasure of exploring new places teaches many things that a university can’t. Traveling can be done for various purposes like for leisure, business, study, etc. Traveling is always an amazing experience may it be for business purpose. Even in this era of video conferencing, the significance of visits does stay strong in business.  

What is business travel insurance?

Problems don’t see the purpose of travel; it just happens when it has to happen. All that we can do is be well prepared in advance for unforeseen events. The comprehensive range of general insurance include travel insurance. Travel insurance is what can protect us against the losses caused due to issues faced while traveling. 

Business travel insurance fulfills the needs of the person traveling for business purpose as the needs of a person traveling for business are different from the person traveling for leisure. Business travel insurance helps in tackling any undesirable situation that a person faces on a business tour. There are even multi trip business travel insurance also found for the travelers making multiple trips of business in a year. The comprehensive policies offer coverage for broad range of business expenses. It is important to know which are the necessary coverages needed by you and include them accordingly to your business travel insurance. 

*Business liability

There are options of international travel liability and travel assist insurance found in business travel policies which can be supplemented to the company’s existing liability coverage resulting in double protection for business travelers.


God forbid if there arises an emergency evacuation, then this cover helps arrange cost and arrangement of transportation to a place that is safe and that has good treatment facilities and even for medical emergency.


If there arise any medical expenses while traveling then this coverage will protect you against such expenses.

*Cancellation or interruption insurance

When the flight is cancelled or there is cancellation of scheduled trip, at that time this covers all the expenses incurred.


If the luggage or baggage is lost or stolen or damaged then this covers against the losses incurred due to this scenario.

*Life insurance

In business travel insurance there is air flight accident coverage, accidental death coverage, common carrier coverage, etc. included as travel life insurance.

*Foreign workers compensation

When disease or injuries occur due to an accident when in an international business trip then this covers against the losses incurred.

There are even coverages found against terrorism, kidnap & ransom, etc.

There are various features included in business travel insurance that benefit amount, size, location, time, additional services like hijacking coverage, etc. The cost of the insurance varies according to the coverage chosen, the age group of people travelling, etc. 

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