Flower Stand in Singapore
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A Guide to Enhancing Your Grand Opening Flower Stand in Singapore

Starting your own business is no easy feat. But aside from the difficulty it comes with, it is also a milestone that represents a new chapter in a person’s life. If you’re opening a business, or if you have a friend, loved one, cousin, or simply an acquaintance who has recently launched a company, nothing could be more heart-warming than celebrating their joy and success with them than sending a warm congratulatory gift for their grand opening. Grand opening flowers are the most appropriate presents. Flowers are a natural statement of love and support, which is why they are one of the most purchased gifts for any occasion. You can never go wrong with a grand opening flower stand to convey someone you care about them and their new venture.

We’re starting off this flower guide with a list of the best official opening flowers in Singapore to guide you with your buying selection.

Flower Stand in Singapore

5 Best Flowers Used for Grand Opening Flower Stands in Singapore

1. Lilies

Lilies have a very nice aroma, making them one of the most popular flowers used in official opening flower stands. Lilies, being a sign of blessings, humility, dedication, riches, and prosperity, are the perfect flowers to express best wishes to the new company owner for a prosperous future. A spectacular event opening flower stand with Perfume lilies or Tiger lilies will look excellent in a new office or business.

2. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies appear in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours that express passion, enthusiasm, and joy. Because of the warmth and cheerfulness that these flowers exude, they are ideal for a grand opening flower stand or bouquet. These long-lasting blossoms will remain upright for a long time and continue to contribute cheerfulness to the environment.

3. Hydrangeas 

The most prevalent ornamental flower in floral gift boxes and arrangements is the hydrangea. Hydrangea is a flower that represents hope, love, happiness, loyalty, and reunion. These characteristics make hydrangea ideal for congratulating or complimenting loved ones on the grand opening of a new store or business. These lovely blossoms will fill their personal space with good and relaxing vibrations, encouraging them to give their all to their new endeavour.

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers come in various sizes. There are huge ones suitable for large flower stands and smaller ones suitable for flower vases to be placed on top of office desks. On countless grand opening days in Singapore, sunflowers are guaranteed to convey the brightness of the sun into the workplace or business, which is why most of the elegant flower displays are emphasized and filled with the sparkling blossoms of yellow sunflowers.

5. Orchids 

Last but not the least, Orchids make an elegant addition to any grand opening flower stand in Singapore. Orchids are beautiful blossoms that symbolise love, elegance, beauty, and strength. The phalaenopsis orchid comes in a gorgeous bright pink colour that represents success and friendship. Similarly, an oncidium orchid represents a carefree and enjoyable endeavour. In grand opening events, you can gift a basket, bouquet, or flower stand of orchids to make a big impression and wish your loved one’s luck in their new venture.

Flower Stand in Singapore

Tips to Make Flowers Stand Up

*Fill it with a smaller vase, carafe, or measuring cup! Find one that will fit in the broad vase, fill it with water, and set it in the large vase with the flowers. This manner, even if the vase isn’t totally full, the flowers will hold up straight.

*Arrange the flowers in a grid. If you want something that isn’t apparent, sticky tape is the way to go! Make a grid with strips of tape placed crosswise over the entrance of the vase. After that, you may put flowers one by one, and they will stand up straight!

*Every three days, replace the flower water. Replace the flower water with new water every three days to keep your flowers looking fresh. The rule of thumb is that if you would not drink the vase water, it’s generally not clean enough for your flowers.

How to Make Your Grand Opening Flower Stand Even Grander

These flowers stand centrepieces are multifunctional and versatile, and may be used for exhibiting your tasty pastries and cakes, making a magnificent display of colourful flowers and succulents, and presenting eye-catching candle decorations to dazzle your visitors and loved ones.

Acrylic vase fillers, pearl beads, pebbles, silk flower and leaf garlands, candle centrepieces, LED lights, and rhinestone stickers can be utilised to enhance and transform them for a simple decorating style.

Starting a business can be daunting, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the business world. With this token of thoughtfulness, you not only congratulate them, but also express your support by providing a stunning grand opening flower stand for their big launch. This much-needed emotional support may help in a variety of ways, including making their first day of entrepreneurship less stressful.

If you need assistance selecting the correct flowers for an grand opening flower stand in SingaporeSmile Floral is ready to help. Their skilled florists can build unique flower arrangements to your specifications, ranging from complex official opening flower stands to magnificent fresh flower bouquets.