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A Guide to Eloping in Iceland

Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or inviting everyone you know, your wedding is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result, destination weddings are becoming an increasingly popular way to make memories with your significant other while taking in all that the environment has to offer.

The land of fire and ice, Iceland, offers serene views that make it the perfect location for any couple looking to get away from it all and elope. So, where are the best places to elope in Iceland, and how can you plan a truly one-of-a-kind experience?

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

One of the most distinctive locations in Iceland, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, is located in the southern coast of Iceland, outside the town of Vic. Reynisfjara Beach is famous for its black sand, along with its three iconic sea stacks that jut out from the ocean. In addition, Reynisfjara Beach features a columned stone wall that leads into a large cave.

To plan the perfect ceremony, consider spending some quality time at Vik Beach before heading to Reynisfjara to shoot your wedding photos. For a more unique wedding, check out the cave opening, which offers gorgeous views of the black sand beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Keep in mind that the ocean rises from November to April, and entering the cave is not recommended.

Iceland’s secret private waterfalls

Adventuring to a private waterfall in Iceland is a romantic and sentimental way to start off your ceremony. Iceland has a variety of different waterfalls to choose from, with each coming in varying sizes. However, since 75 percent of Iceland is privately owned, gaining access to private property is necessary in order to plan your picturesque waterfall wedding.

If you’re interested in planning a waterfall wedding, contact an Iceland elopement planner to discuss details and gain advance permission to access privately owned land. Your Adventure Wedding, an international elopement planner, offers access to non-touristy locations on private property, which can help you plan an intimate and exclusive wedding experience.

All natural blue ice caves

Visiting an ice cave is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and sharing that experience with your significant other makes for a memorable ceremony. The Iceland ice caves shift and change throughout the seasons, so the caves you experience during your ceremony are completely unique, and will never exist again in the same form.

 Your wedding photoshoot in Iceland’s blue ice caves will be one-of-a-kind, and you’ll be able to revisit the caves in the future to see how much they’ve changed. If you’re not sure which ice cave is ideal for your ceremony, Katlatrack adventure tours offers tours of the safest and most iconic ice caves in Iceland.

Historical Silfra

Iceland offers a diverse range of dramatic backdrops, with the Silfra ravine serving as one of the best wedding venues. The Silfra ravine is filled with clear glacial water and is surrounded by uninhabited national parkland, making it a blissful and serene spot to spend the day.

Silfra makes for a powerful wedding venue, as it’s located above the exact meeting point of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Silfra is a magical paradise that makes for a dream wedding ceremony, and is ideal for a party of two. Since the location requires advance permission for a ceremony, make sure to start planning in advance.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to hunt for waterfalls, explore secret caves, or hike mountains, Iceland is the perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony. If you’re looking for a romantic experience with your significant other, a destination wedding in Iceland will leave you with memories that last for a lifetime.

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