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Visiting The South East Coast: Things To Do In Chichester

Each year, tens of thousands of people visit Chichester to gaze up at its impressive Norman cathedral, to visit the famous beaches of West Wittering, and to take part in Goodwood’s annual Festival of Speed, and Revival. It’s considered a small city; however, there is plenty to keep you occupied, especially if you’re planning on visiting during the summer.

Chichester is situated in The South Downs, and the views from surrounding areas are simply exquisite. Rolling and undulating hills meet with a quietly flowing stream just outside West Dean Gardens (a twenty-minute drive from the city center), and Goodwood Estate boasts of a striking contemporary sculpture park set in peaceful woodlands. 

All Fuelled Up

As aforementioned, Chichester is home to two of the most renowned horseracing and motor racing events in the calendar year. The racecourse itself is widely recognized as being one of the most beautiful in the world. If you’re a petrolhead, then you’ll be in good company at the Festival of Speed as the events are frequented by the likes of Keanu Reeves, Lewis Hamilton, and Daisy Lowe. 

Once at Goodwood, you’ll be hungry for more than just more racing. Chichester doesn’t come in last to deliver on good food as the city center is bursting with restaurants, cafes, and traditional country pubs. If you’re want to discover some of the best food and have a fantastic experience, then the hole in the wall in Chichester is the place to go.

Why Choose Chichester?

Unlike the larger neighboring city of Brighton, Chichester is quiet and slower paced. Getting to Chichester from London will take you 90 minutes on the train, and will take you through some of the most verdant landscapes in the UK. You’re truly in the countryside as you pass your way through West Sussex. With a relatively small population, Chichester is a medium-sized city of around some 120,000 people living there. However, it rarely feels as though you don’t have space to move upon the bricked streets of the city center.

Cathedral Gardens

The cathedral gardens, or Bishop’s Palace Gardens, is a somewhat hidden gem nestled behind the cathedral and bell tower and sits within the City Walls. Tended to all year round, it never ceases to amaze with an array of pristinely kempt box tree borders, colorful flower beds, water fountain, and plenty of shady areas to enjoy a picnic.

History and Art

When it comes to culture, Chichester does not disappoint. The Novium museum, just mere meters away from the cathedral, features Roman bath house remains. Pallant House Gallery showcases and houses splendid pieces of British art from 1900 until now, including work from Barbara Hepworth, Graham Sutherland, and Turner.

If you’re big on archaeology, then a trip to Fishbourne should be in order. Fishbourne Roman Palace can be reached by car in about ten minutes from the center of the city, and, impressively, is the largest residential Roman building ever discovered in Britain. Browse through the plethora of artifacts found and then grab a bit to eat in the onsite café.  


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