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A Guide to Achieving Domestic Independence

Life can be extremely challenging when you suffer from a disability that hinders your ability to move about safely and independently. In fact, most people suffering from a disability say that being dependent on others to get around or complete ordinarily tasks hurts more than the disability itself. If you are looking for ways to become less dependent on others, here is a brief guide to domestic independence which will get you headed in that direction.

Support Groups Are a Must

Even if you have trouble getting out to join support groups, remember that you are living in the age of the internet. There are support groups online as well as those that meet locally, so it would help to join at least one group to get the moral support you need. Some of these groups have people who are suffering the very same disabilities you are now living with, and they can give you tips on what got them through some of life’s most challenging moments. If for no other reason, it will help to have someone to chat with who understands your frustrations. Although family and friends are compassionate, they don’t really understand the pains and frustrations you experience daily. Support groups are a must!

Mobility Aids to Get Around Unassisted

There are various kinds of mobility aids which are helpful in getting around unattended. From motorized wheelchairs to interior and exterior lifts at home, these can help you get around unassisted even if your home is more than one level or has several steps leading to your front door. Talk to professional consultants at companies like Terry Lifts in the UK. There is a lift to solve just about any need you might have. From accessing your home from the outside to getting around inside, there is a lift which can be designed for your particular requirements. You can even have goods lifts installed to get laundry and other items up and down your stairs!

Independent but Not Alone

You might also want to remember that, while you are working towards domestic independence, no one can expect you to be totally alone in your plight. Always keep emergency numbers and contact information close at hand. It is recommended that you program these numbers into your mobile phone and keep it with you at all times. You may additionally want to consider one of the many wearables on the market with a ‘panic button’, which you can push to get emergency assistance if you cannot reach your phone. It happens. You may fall out of your chair, your phone scattering across the floor. Isn’t it easier to push a button than crawl to the other side of the room?

Remember, living independently doesn’t mean you need to be alone. You may have no one in your home with you, but there is always someone at the other end of a phone call or internet chat. Even people without disabilities need these kinds of aids from time to time, so don’t feel like you are alone! Consider bespoke lifts, support groups and mobile aids so that you can achieve a level of independence that suits you.

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    I find its really nice that they have support groups online. What a great article, thanks for sharing.

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