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5 Best Restaurants to Hang Out With Your Family in Houston, TX

There are ample things to love and adore about Houston, and good food is one of them. A perfect heaven for foodies, Houston has many good restaurants to offer. These restaurants not only boast of offering excellent cuisine but also an amiable atmosphere for the visitors.

A good family restaurant is one that can cater to every taste bud, whether you like sour or chilly. Well, many such good restaurants in Houston offer every delectable dish on the plate. Whether your kids want to have tacos in Houston or are big fans of donuts, the city has a restaurant for everyone in your family.

Let us walk through some of the best restaurants to hang out with family in Houston, TX.

BB’s Tex-Orleans

A Cajun restaurant located in Houston, BB’s Tex-Orleans is a place that strives to offer the best food available in the area. After all, going to a family restaurant does not imply that you should compromise on taste. 

Some of the restaurant’s specialties include chicken tenders, mac and cheese for kids, and seafood dishes for adults. It is recommended to order a plate of rice and red beans. It is not only scrumptious in taste but is enough to share among all the family members. 

The food portions are pretty large, and thus you can easily take your big family for lunch here, without worrying about the quantity of the food. 

Bucca di Beppo Italian Restaurant

This is one restaurant that has something for every member of the family on its menu. Not only is the food served outstanding, but the service is of the highest standards. The restaurant has established an atmosphere of serenity to allow the families to eat peacefully. 

Also, the restaurant’s walls portray a broad theme that matches the tone of a family setting. They have an extensive range of pasta, pizza, bread, and salad. The best part is that their sauce is homemade and rich in texture. 

Their recommendations include a long list of fantabulous desserts, such as chocolate-filled cannoli, Italian cream cake, cheesecake, tiramisu, etc.

The best aspect is that you can feed a family of four members for under $40. Also, the restaurant has many great options for dieting individuals, who are entirely vegetarians, and who prefer a vegan menu.

Niko Nicko’s

If you are seeking the best greek food in Houston, this s the restaurant to go to. This is the reason why Niko Nicko’s is highly popular among families. An extensive menu, exciting flavors, large portions, and an amicable theme are some of the features that add to the positive vibrations of the restaurant.

They also have a large patio area for guests who enjoy their food outdoors. Also, they have a fabulous bakery that has desserts of all kinds and varieties. Some of their specialties include muffins, baklava, cakes, and biscuits. 

Also, they have a decent price range for food, between $10 and $15 for people who do not wish to spend more. 

Saldivia’s South American Grill

This is one of the magnificent restaurants in Houston that is quite popular among families seeking a calm place for dining. The restaurant’s theme is Italian, and the interiors effectively match the theme. 

The dishes served in the restaurant have been passed down from generations and are a perfect combination of Uruguayan and Italian cuisine. Experts often recommend having Brochettes at the restaurant. Brochettes are beef kebabs served while being spread over Spanish rice. 

The restaurant also hosts events such as live piano sessions, tango, and folklore music for entertainment purposes. The place is perfect for someone seeking vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Antonio’s Flying Pizza

Existing for the past 40 years, Antonio’s Flying Pizza has been owned by a single family. Their menu is extensive but has not seen many changes. 

The place is a lovely restaurant and perfect for people seeking a homely environment. They focus on traditional Italian dishes and have ample vegetarian options. 

You can quickly expect to get a large portion at an average price of $25 for a family of four members. 

Final Words

Houston is a fabulous place for food lovers, and the presence of many good restaurants proves this fact. The need remains to identify the perfect location and take your loved ones there for a fabulous dining experience. Happy dining!