Enjoy Delicious Espresso’s & Cappuccino’s At Home With The Capresso Ultima PRO! @CapressoTweets @SMGurusNetwork

Enjoy Delicious Espresso’s & Cappuccino’s At Home With The Capresso Ultima PRO! @CapressoTweets @SMGurusNetwork

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love and enjoy coffee and I treat myself every morning to a freshly brewed cup as it is the only way to start off my day. It is also no secret that my home is filled with coffee drinkers as my husband and mother-in-law absolutely love their coffee and also enjoy delicious and decadent espresso’s and cappuccinos as my husbands side of the family is Italian. They love making delicious coffee specialties with their desserts after dinner every evening or whenever we have family over for get together’s which is why I was so excited to try the Capresso Ultima PRO Programmable Pump Espresso Machine. This machine is going to provide us with the means to pretty much have our own deluxe coffee shop in our home, with myself starring as the barista!

The Capresso Ultima PRO is the perfect kitchen tool for coffee lovers and it is perfect for enjoying delicious cups of espresso and cappuccino’s in the comfort of your own home. This bad boy is also going to be a conversation starter when my family and friends come over and I cannot wait to share delicious cups of Espresso and Cappuccino with them all this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

The Capresso Ultima PRO features a self-tampering portafilter all while providing programmable cup sizes and it’s the perfect choice for easily brewing delicious espresso and cappuccino’s at home. The two independently programmable cup buttons can be set for up to 6 ounces of espresso and you simply push and hold either of the buttons and watch as the liquid is dispensed into your cup. Once you have achieved the desired amount, you simply push and release the button again to lock in the setting. In addition to that the Capresso Ultima PRO has a powerful milk brother that creates steam for thick and rich cappuccinos, while the hot water setting can be used for rich and aromatic Americanos or hot tea.

The Capresso Ultima PRO has beautiful polished stainless steel accents that make this a gorgeous piece to display on your countertop and it is made to last with it heavy duty construction. On the top of the unit you will find a warming platform that keeps your cups at the perfect temperature while also providing storage when the unit is not in use. I simply keep my cups on top when I am not using it and then when I am…it acts as a warmer.

The Capresso Ultima PRO also has a handy water-level window gauge that makes it super easy for you to know when it is time to refill the water tank and the handy drip tray overflow indicator tells you when to empty any waste water so that you do not end up with a mess. With all of these amazing features you can see why the Capresso Ultima PRO is without a doubt the most convenient and easy to use pump espresso machine and seriously if I can use it to create delicious cups of cappuccino and espresso….so can you.

Features & Benefits:

*15 bar pump provides optimal pressure for rich cremates, the thin layer of foam that is the mark os a perfectly brewed espresso.

*Programmable cup sizes for 1 or 2 espressos

*Heavy duty construction with polished stainless steel accents.

*Illuminated icons for ease of use.

*Large, self tampering portafilter with two included 58mm sieves for 1 or 2 cups.

*Powerful frothing wand for latte and cappucino

*Stainless Steel lined heating element.

*34 ounce removable water tank

*Hot water function for Americanos and Tea

*Easy to clean removable drip tray with overflow indicator.

*Automatic shut off after 30 minutes.

*Coffee Scoop Included

*Integrated storage space for accessories.

 So what do you think of the Capresso Ultima Pro? Are you like me and a coffee lover that enjoys delicious coffee concoctions but would love to be able to make the in the comfort of your own home? Do you know someone that this will make the perfect gift for? Well check out the Capresso Ultima PRO today and begin enjoying the most delicious cups of espresso and cappuccino ever! Check out all of the various machines that Capresso offers and check them out on social media too!


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  • Elizabeth H

    I have always wanted a Capresso Ultimate Pro! I enjoy drinking Espresso and Cappucino and it’s so expensive at Starbucks, would be awesome to have one of these so I could make my own!

  • Donna

    This is such an awesome espresso machine! I’m a big coffee drinker and I’ve always wanted to be able to make espresso at home. This is definitely going on my Christmas wish list!

  • Mya Murphy

    My husband and I have been looking at cappuccino machines, and this looks delightful! We are huge coffee nuts..

  • Margaret Smith

    I love that this seems pretty easy to use. I love Cappuccinos and would love to make my own. This would also be wonderful for when we host guests.

  • Amy D

    I would love this for Christmas! It has a gorgeous design and would be perfect in my kitchen. I love that it includes so many amazing features to make various types of hot beverages, even tea! The milk brother that creates steam would make the perfect cappachino.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    We love coffee at our house. We all have to start our day this way and we sometimes drink some throughout the day. This is awesome. So many different drinks to make. It is also so nice to look at. So nice to have sitting on my kitchen counter. Thank you so much for sharing this great product.

  • Melissa Storms

    I need this in my home. We love cappuccino and I used to make them and steamers for my kids all of the time.

  • shylo57

    I too am a coffee lover and have always wanted an expresso/capucino machine. However, I did win a contest with a recipe of mine through Lilly. The prize was my recipe in a book and Lilly’s most expensive expresso/cappuccino/coffee machine along with their coffee & expresso service dish sets. But, alas, my son, who just went into remission from terminal cancer, loves coffee even more than I! So I gave my highly prized winnings to my even more highly prized son, whom no mother could ever be more proud of! Now this machine seems to be just as good as the one I gave away, but easier to use. So needless to say, I would love to have one. Your review was as good a review as possible and you sold me!

  • samantha

    I dont know many people who wouldn’t love to see this under the Christmas tree with their name on it. I know I would !

  • Jessilee Raub

    This looks great, I keep telling my husband we need to be able to make good espresso at home, and then we could save a lot of money by not feeling the need to hit up Starbucks ext. all the time.

  • Brittany Raisor

    It is like having a coffee shop at your finger tips. I love the built in storage, and the warmer is incredibly convenient.

  • Amy Baker

    Wow! Pretty sure I’d save money in the long run if I could make cappuccinos at home instead of going to the coffee shop! I love them so! And I agree…it would be awesome to make fancy coffees when friends stop by!

  • Becky Bartlett

    Amazing looking machine I love a good cup of cappuccino and so does my 9 year old daughter. I like the fact that you can also do hot teas with this machine. It sure would look good sitting on my kitchen counter.

  • Carrie Lancon

    I would love making my own specialty drinks. My oldest worked as a barista for a while so this would also make a perfect gift for her.

  • Krystal W

    I was just on Amazon shopping for a New cappuccino machine last night. This one look very cool, Ty for the amazing review

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