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Practical Relationship Intimacy Hacks For Aging Males

Life may seem easy for aging males when compared to their female counterparts because menopause is not a struggle for men. But you must think twice because you may experience symptoms that replicate menopause. Losing your libido is one of them, and most men encounter the issue once they step on the other side of fifty. Besides hurting your self-esteem, low libido can damage your relationship. The situation gets even more challenging if your partner is younger and expects you to be active in bed. Missing out on the love front is the last thing you want to experience during the later years of your life. Fortunately, you can deal with the aging issue effectively with some simple measures. Here are a few practical relationship intimacy hacks for aging males. 

Open up about the problem 

The first step to resolving your libido problem is to open up and be honest about it. Unfortunately, men feel hesitant about discussing it and suffer in silence. But remember that you are not alone because most males encounter the same issue after fifty. The best piece of advice is to discuss your concern with your healthcare provider sooner than later. They can recommend the right line of action and even resolve the condition without medication with early intervention, diagnosis, and counseling. 

Have an honest conversation with your partner 

Besides your doctor, your partner is another person you must communicate with. Of course, she will know when you fail to perform in bed. But men tend to conceal it from women because they consider it a matter of self-esteem. An honest conversation with your partner is essential as it can keep the relationship on track until you find a solution for the intimacy issues. You can even consider other alternatives for giving pleasure and retaining intimacy in the bedroom. Ask her what she wants and find a middle path to keep your bond thriving. 

Consider testosterone treatment 

Low testosterone levels are the primary reason for the loss of libido in aging males. The male hormone keeps you virile, but it starts dropping in your thirties and decreases consistently over the years. The level drops enough to affect the intimacy factor in your fifties, so you must consider a solution to maintain it at this stage. The good thing is that an expert testosterone therapy team can help you with restorative treatment. You can experience the immense difference within a short time. Besides being effective, the therapy is safe for older men. 

Watch other health issues 

Experts recommend watching other health issues when dealing with low libido. Many times, problems like high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure are the culprits causing loss of virility in aging males. Likewise, heart disease is a possibility, so you must get a comprehensive medical checkup sooner than later. Timely treatment for underlying medical issues can get your bedroom life on track again. You can also benefit by embracing healthy lifestyle habits to keep your weight down and maintain optimal levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. A fit body boosts your self-esteem, which helps relationship intimacy as well. 

Consider counseling 

Low libido is not always a medical problem or an age-related issue. The reason may be emotional or psychological, so you can consider counseling as an alternative. For example, depression, stress, and incompatibility can affect your intimate moments. Couples fail to realize the root of the problem and look for solutions in the wrong places. A few counseling sessions are often enough to overcome the challenge and bring the spark back to your bonding as a happy couple. 

Set time for intimacy 

Aging is about slowing down, so you cannot expect wild sessions in the bedroom. Your partner will probably realize the need to slow down if she is going through the same process. You may discuss the situation with her if she is still young. The best solution is to set aside time for physical intimacy instead of rushing things in bed. Spend time talking, touching, and making eye contact until you are ready for the act. Also, avoid feeling stressed about giving your best, and enjoy the moments even if you fail. 

Aging affects the male libido because it is a natural phenomenon, so men should accept the change in a stride. But you need not give up on your relationship intimacy altogether because there are ways to retain it over the years. You only need to take things easy and follow these simple measures to continue being the best partner for your woman. 

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