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9 Useless Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts are pieces of information proven to be accurate based on concrete evidence. You cannot call a specific thing a fact when actual data do not back it up.  You have to admit, this pandemic making you work from home has probably given you more time to scroll on the internet. Are you into trivia and random truths? You’ve come to the right place.  

The information that you are about to read may not be the most relevant issues in the world right now but might catch some of your weird interests. It is always better to gain more knowledge in all aspects. Bring out the childishness in you, take your time to read, and enjoy. Here are nine useless facts that you probably did not know: 

Bringing a Furby to the Pentagon is Not Allowed

To start our thread of  useless facts, we’re going to talk about a bizarre rule about Furby. Furby was released in 1998 and has been a remarkable icon in the toy industry. This electronic robotic toy that translates 24 languages was one of the biggest hits in 2000, with over 40 million items sold. Other than its satanic conspiracy theories, why was the Furby banned anyways?

Although not everyone finds Furby cute and adorable because of the creepy look it can project sometimes, it is not allowed inside The Pentagon. Because of its distinct voice mimicry, it has been banned by the NSA since it has the potential to capture confidential information. 

Why “Seconds” is Named Seconds

The inventors of time measurement did not name seconds out of random thought. The name “seconds” is formulated since it is the second way of dividing an hour. If you divide an hour, you call it minutes. If you again split an hour to another measurement after minutes, what would you call it? Seconds. 

Legos Have Uniform System

Legos are one of the most popular figures of all time in the history of toy innovations. As decades have gone by, you might have observed many improvements and changes in the lego figures. But Legos do have a uniform system, fitting a lego brick from way back 1960s will still perfectly fit the ones manufactured today. For long time collectors of Lego, this might be  a useful fact. 

Bees Have 5 Eyes

Have you ever seen The Bee Movie? So that is not how an actual bee would look like in close up. Bees have five eyes with their vital purposes: the two front eyes are designated for shape recognition and navigation. The three small eyes on the head are for light detection and for them to anticipate their predators. 

Watching TV Burns More Calories Than Sleeping

Can you believe it? Watching TV burns more calories than sleeping? Although there isn’t much difference, mathematically speaking, watching TV burns 10% more fat than sleeping. Again, this is a useless fact, do not take this excuse to keep yourself from doing your cardio and daily exercise to burn those fats. Get up, couch potato! 

Around 11,000 Americans Get Injured Due to Sexual Experiments

If you are a porn enthusiast, you might not find this surprising at all. We see Americans always going beyond the limit when it comes to sexual performance.  Around 11,000 Americans get injured per year by trying out new and weird positions. They might have been studying sex education, but that does not save them from their excessive curiosity. 

Junk Food is as Addictive as Drugs

We cannot deny the fact that as much as we know that junk food is total junk, we still consume them as massive as we can. You might find this comparative to smoking and drug addiction, but the brain stimulation junk food can give is similar to those of narcotics. Now you know why you cannot resist a friend offering junk. 

The Longest Time Without Sleep

One to two days with a lack of sleep already feels like the world is being carried on your shoulders. Extend to another two more days of 3-4 hours of sleep, and you might probably feel like you’re the undead. However, the record shows that the longest time without sleep is around 264 hours or 11 days. Please do not try this at home!

Ice Cream Warms the Body

Walking around tropical countries during summertime with the temperature of 25-30°C makes you sweat a lot and crave for cold bites. Of course, ice cream is the top of mind for that. Quite ironic, but ice cream actually does not decrease body temperature. It does the opposite instead because of its high-fat content resulting in warming up of the body as it metabolizes. 

In A Nutshell

Those are your nine random and useless facts. These facts could not be totally useless at all; if you ever want to create an icebreaker, try talking about the Furby being banned at The Pentagon. Again, these might seem irrelevant, but it is always better to know more than to know nothing at all.