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Is It Really Possible To Get Something For Nothing?

The world of business has gone fully digital, with most brands now targeting the growing online market. A recent eCommerce study shows more consumers are now shopping online than ever before. There are more than a handful of reasons that this has been the case, not least that most consumers find it cheaper and more convenient to shop online and that there’s also a wider variety of products and services.

As the competition on the digital marketing landscape rises, brands have to innovate creative ways to attract new customers.  One of the most popular tactics used by marketers today is the promise of free products or services. But wait, didn’t they say that nothing in life comes for free? Well, that was before the contemporary digital marketing revolution.

Are Online Freebies a Gimmick?

Most businesses struggle to gain traction in new target markets. For many of them, freebies are the best way to gain a foothold and retain customers. It is a big marketing trend even amongst global brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft.

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Through word of mouth, the marketers generate a lot of interest around the brand and its products. This is every marketer’s dream. It’s a win-win for shoppers and businesses.

Which Industries are Using This Tactic Most

While offering something for free would seem like it’s an easy way of generating excitement around a brand for companies from any industry, there are some that are much more inclined to do so than others. The adoption of new-customer deals and loyalty programs is not a ubiquitous thing, it would seem.

Free Food Deals

The restaurant industry is highly competitive and many local businesses have amazing free food offers. These promotions help with customers’ acquisition and customer retention. There are always free coupons for meals and other enticing promotions running all-year-round.

For foodies, it’s a great way to save lots of money. From Steak ‘n Shake to Domino’s, Jimmy John’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, there’s always offers for free food, or combi-deals, and drinks going on.

Gaming Freebies

Gaming is big business across the globe, and it has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. More developers and game platforms have emerged, which is a plus for gamers. As competition in the industry rises, more software developers and gaming sites have exciting giveaways for players.

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A good example is the online casino industry where players can get free spins and bets through no-deposit bonuses. These offers allow the players to try the games on offer, without having to stake their own money. As can be seen on sites like BonusFinder Canada, which lists and reviews casinos offering these bonuses, no-deposit welcome promos have become a standard in the industry. 

Free Gift Cards

Gift cards are also a popular giveaway, especially in the retail industry. With a free gift card, you get free cash towards specific purchases from retailers and other online stores. Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and others feature gift cards on their websites all-year-round. It’s the best way to get something for free when shopping online.

So, can you really get free stuff when shopping online? Yes, you can. These brands know every consumer loves to save and the word ‘free’ works like a magic wand. From free shipping, credits, gift cards and free audiobooks to free music, it’s possible to get stuff without using your money. Get in on the hunt and start enjoying free stuff.

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